Start your very own retail business in Edmonton

retail businesses

Even though e-commerce businesses are the what’s-hot business now, retail business aren’t going out of fashion anytime soon. The fact is that customers like to see and feel their products before purchasing them. Furthermore, buying from a retail store carries the advantage of instant gratification that an e-commerce business can’t match. Alberta’s retail industry have been constantly growing and it ...

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How can Google+ be used to attract more customers?

google+ market share

One of the most trending topics of 2016 has been startups and the major challenges faced by them in the first year of their business. One of their biggest challenge is ramping up their online visibility. Today an average individual is more connected than ever before, this makes leveraging social networking sites challenging but all the more vital to gain ...

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4 Steps to Adword Conversion Tracking

conversion tracking adwords

Most individuals are still using converted clicks as your primary success metric in AdWords. It’s time to change. The conversion column has gotten better in the past few months. And, by following a handful of straightforward steps, you can ensure that you’re utilizing that column to the fullest extent of its abilities. The last three columns on the right give ...

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8 tips for leveraging LinkedIn

linkedin for beginners

LinkedIn may be new for you so here’s a quick guide on how to leverage your business on LinkedIn. . 1. Posts LinkedIn has a great posting system to get your thoughts out there. You can share interesting information that only an industry expert will know. Sharing a tip or technique is a great way to get people talking. By ...

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7 ways to revamp your SEO in 2016

SEO 2016

Businesses all over the world are growing more aware of the substantial need to understand and implement at least the basics of search engine optimization (SEO). But, there’s a lot of uncertainty over what makes up the basics. There’s also a lot of misinformation floating around related to SEO strategies and tactics. Commit yourself to the process SEO is not ...

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7 apps for real estate agents

realtor mobile apps

With the boom of smartphones, came the boom of smartphone apps. The human race is quite close to having an app for everything. As a real estate agent, you have a range of apps that can help you out. There are apps to grow your business, better manage your clients, and effectively plan your schedule to make your job easier. ...

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Marketing & Advertising in Edmonton – Top 10 Marketing Agencies in Edmonton

Marketing & advertising is the need of every business. It is the driving force behind every sale you make or every client you acquire, and that is reason enough to have the best marketing strategy in place. Going beyond the strategy you need a smart execution plan to make sure you can get maximum return on investment and lower your ...

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5 steps to get more customers without overselling

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 6.17.56 PM

One of the biggest marketing mistakes that can be made is to oversell your product. At the end of the day, your customers and potential customers have a choice to either purchase your product or not. To some, overselling your brand is like begging and that’s not good for the brand image. Moreover, overselling is likely to constantly interrupt your ...

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6 things you should know when relocating your business to another city in Canada

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 3.04.05 PM

Moving to another part of Canada is a big decision. You move your life, your social circle, and your business. Moving your business to another part of Canada could be the right choice. It exposes you to a different, and hopefully, the right market. If you move to a big city like Edmonton, Calgary, or Vancouver, you will enter a ...

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Starting a new Line of Business? You need Legal Research assistance

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 2.39.57 PM

A lawyer will provide you with valuable advice and adequate research assistance when starting a new line of business. Every business needs a law professional early on. A good lawyer provides vital assistance in every aspect of your business. From understanding basic compliance, copyright and trademark advice to helping you with formal business incorporation and giving you a good perspective ...

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