Delegate to Succeed

Edmonton business workshops

Some of us are so good at what we do that we want to do them all! When you own a business, it’s easy to get carried away with wanting to be on top of everything. But this is cause for concern on three points: It talks a lot about the quality of the team that’s supporting you (or not) ... Read More »

The importance of capturing the sales funnel

Sales training Edmotnon

Entrepreneurs are so often caught up in the day-to-day operations of their business that they spend lesser and lesser time in strategizing. One of the most important things that you need to prioritize right now is to understand and capture your business’s sales funnel. What is a sales funnel? A sales funnel describes how your customer base is affected during ... Read More »

Trade Jobs: How to Have A Right Career Start

Trades Edge

For the right path in the career, you need a right start that gives you a boost in your career from the word go. For this, you need to have a start with a job on a good platform. If you are not able to find a good job for yourself, then you might waste precious years of your career ... Read More »

Ready…Set…Bing! Unified Device Targeting Unraveled

Bing marketing

True, Google is the most dominating search engine on the web, but ‘that high-and-mighty search engine’ is not used for every single search query. If you’re not optimizing for Bing, then you’re missing out on a huge chunk of potential audiences. Bing holds slightly over 8% of the search engine marketshare. That is a substantial amount that you should not ... Read More »

7 SEO Blunders to Avoid in WordPress

Edmonton Web Design

The rumor, and myth, scouring the web is that WordPress guarantees a top SEO rank. The thing about rumors and myths is that ­- I’ve never believed them, not even when Zeus struck me down with lightening, and neither should you. WordPress is a superb platform to build your business’s website on. It’s stable and has an almost infinite number ... Read More »

Canada’s first Trauma Healing Center opens across Canada

Edmonton PTSD

Dartmouth, Ottawa and Edmonton facilities to provide much needed care for veterans, and first responders suffering from PTSD, trauma and chronic pain The first of the Trauma Healing Centers locations successfully opened its doors in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in January 2015 and we are now excited to announce the Ottawa and Edmonton clinics opened on March 30th, 2015. Trauma Healing Centers, is a complete ... Read More »

A Unique Clothing Store With Unique Clothing

Perhaps you have heard of Brambles Ladies Boutique. It is a store in Leduc that has uniqueness, weirdness, and variety all rolled into one. The store has plenty of curious visitors who come in to check out the clothing and go out having made a purchase or two. Started over 3 years ago, Brambles Ladies Boutique won the Best New ... Read More »

Building a market on her own terms

Edmonton interior designer

Getting home owners, builders, designers and architects together – that’s a business that Nicole Bird built. RSVP Design Inc. offers unique products ranging from doors to windows to builders and home owners. The Right Choice With the right mix of having experience and contacts in the industry, and sensing a market potential, Nicole went ahead and set up RSVP Design ... Read More »

Tapping into a Franchise Market

Closet edmonton

When Canadians think of home organization and custom closets, Closets by Design is probably the first name that comes to their mind. Edmonton too has its own very own Closets by Design store. Owned by Darby Bannister, he has been successfully running it for the past 2 years. A former resident of Slave Lake, when the fires struck in 2012, ... Read More »

Edmonton Business Story – Eat Classic Italian

pazzo pazzo edmonton

If you live in Edmonton, then chances are that you’ve heard and maybe even dined at Pazzo Pazzo. It’s probably the most popular Italian restaurant in city. I finally went over there and met the owner to find out how did he cook up such a good restaurant. Pazzo Pazzo has been open for almost 11 years at 103 Avenue ... Read More »

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