Lessons I learned from my fridge… Part one – Leftovers & Leads

Getting new leads

A fridge is something that most of us have. It may be a hub in your kitchen, it may be the place where family photos go, it may be a place you spend too much time in front of… A fridge can keep food cold, pictures posted, but did you also know that it teaches business lessons? What lessons you ... Read More »

4 Real Estate myths

Edmonton realtor

Common homeowners are not very well versed with the buying and selling process of houses corresponding to real estate. Although, they do prepare themselves thoroughly with proper planning before buying a house, there are a few essential details that they are usually perplexed with or tend to deal with them casually. As a real estate agent, I’ve come across quite ... Read More »

Mortgage Brokers Should Not Miss Online Customers

edmonton mortgage Top 10

A mortgage broker that is not tapping into the online market is losing out on a massive customer base. If you really want your mortgage business to boom, you need to attract customers from all mediums. In short, don’t just rely on referrals or expensive advertisements: utilize search engine optimization (SEO) to gain customers, too. SEO for Mortgage Brokers is ... Read More »

How to Settle Into Canada as an Immigrant Tradesman

Alberta jobs

The Federal Skilled Trades Program allows people who want to settle into Canada as trades persons to do so on the basis of their qualifications in a skilled trade. A tradesperson would be eligible to become an immigrant of the country if he checks yes to the following items on the criteria list: He should have offers of employment from ... Read More »

Real Estate Professionals: Improve Your search engine visibility with this Course

Real estate seo

For many businesses, the dawn of search engines and along with it, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been heaven-sent. It has given small and medium-sized businesses a fighting chance against large businesses that have huge marketing budgets. SEO boils down to not how much money a business is willing to spend, but how well the business is able to execute ... Read More »

Family, Business and Customers – A Krokis Balancing Act

Edmonton flooring hardwood

There is nothing like a hardwood flooring to add class and style to your home. However, getting it right is the challenge. This is what Absolute Hardwood aims to do. It is not only the one-stop-shop for all kinds of hardwood, but also where you will get the correct and best advice on selecting the right one for your home. ... Read More »

Edmonton Success Story – Article on Howard Dudley

Edmonton Accounting

Howard Dudley: Blending Human and Accounting Values at Dudley & Associates 21 years in the business and Howard Dudley knows what he wants, where he is taking his business and what clients he wants to attract. Not many people have this kind of clarity. Ever since Howard opened Dudley & Associates, he has completely enjoyed being his own boss and ... Read More »

Why it is better to buy local?

Edmonton local business

The flow of money on every purchase of goods and services by you, contributes to the economy of your region and the world. You may not realize it but purchasing local goods is your contribution to the overall economy of your community. Every purchase you make from a locally owned business, you`re not only doing yourself a favor but also ... Read More »

Why Edmonton entrepreneurs need to get SEO training

SEO Training Edmonton

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the best way to get noticed on the web and bring in visitors who get converted to customers. In Edmonton people are looking for businesses, products, services etc. on search engine likes Google or Bing. Over 84% of Canadians use search engines and locally when people want to call a plumber or when they ... Read More »

Create a consistent web design for your users

Web Design Edmonton

Consistency may not be on the forefront, but it is a vital part of what makes your website a good one. Why? Well, let’s take an example like your kitchen. No matter what ingredients you pull out from your cabinets, they all go back to the same places. The same logic works when you create a website. You create a ... Read More »

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