Wednesday , 5 August 2015

12 signs you need to focus on marketing

focus on marketing

Sometimes, we get so stuck in the rut of operations that we forget (or don’t get the time) to attract new customers. And that is the death of a business! If you see yourself in any of these situations, it’s time that you focused on marketing. You don’t know the demographic of your customer well enough You don’t know the ... Read More »

5 steps to commercialize your Intellectual Property

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Your patents, trademarks, copyrights and industrial designs are all Intellectual Property. When you have put in efforts to create something new, your inventions and ideas must not only be protected, but should also be leveraged to obtain some benefit or gain. These gains and profits can be realized by selling your rights or by commercialising your IP. Commercialization of intellectual ... Read More »

3 tips on hiring the right candidate

Hiring the right candidate

100 tips on hiring the right candidate. 10 tips on hiring the right candidate. Too many tips on hiring the right candidate abound on the internet! It’s simpler than that…much simpler. In my experience, there are only three tips to hire the right candidate. Tip #1: Communication The ability to communicate is the most important of all things you must ... Read More »

So you have a business idea. What do you do next?

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You’ve had that Eureka moment with a new business idea. You’re super excited and want to start converting it from an idea to a reality. But…how do you start? Are you stuck? Well this blog post intends to un-stick you and allow you to start making money out of your new business idea. Here’s how. Move before someone else does ... Read More »

Goal setting: Plan backwards

Goal setting edmonton

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” For any business to succeed, you need to have very specific plans and goals that you want to achieve. Of course, these should be open to revision, but you need to start somewhere. SMART goals Goals need to be: - Specific - Measurable - Action-oriented - Realistic - Time-bound SMART goals allow ... Read More »

8 traits of successful people

Success Edmonton

There are people and then there are successful people. While everybody is in the race to succeed, some people just do it much faster and easier than others. These people have certain traits and mindsets that set them up for success and give them a head start in this competitive race. Here are 8 traits of successful people that you ... Read More »

The power of customer surveys

Online customer feedback

Customer surveys are the most power tools in connecting with your customer, making her feel special, receiving critical feedback and adjusting your product or service to satisfy her needs. I believe that one of the most important mistakes we make is that we assume that we shall receive feedback from our customers automatically. Actually, a lot of customers move to ... Read More »

7 books every business professional must read

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In a world full of competition, where many take challenges confidently, it may become hard for fresh entrepreneurs to develop (or further develop) innovative ideas and take the correct steps to carry their venture(s) forward. The competition may seem intimidating, but with the kind of technology and resources we have available today, will help any and everybody gather the courage ... Read More »

Know your market: Have you studied the national and local market?

Edmonton economy

When you start a business based on your passion, you need to spend a little more time doing your research; because you’ll tend to be more biased towards the positive aspects of the business idea. Among other things that you need to figure out, don’t forget to understand the national and/or local market. National or local? Well, it depends on ... Read More »

Delegate to Succeed

Edmonton business workshops

Some of us are so good at what we do that we want to do them all! When you own a business, it’s easy to get carried away with wanting to be on top of everything. But this is cause for concern on three points: It talks a lot about the quality of the team that’s supporting you (or not) ... Read More »

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