Friday , 30 January 2015

Why it is better to buy local?

Edmonton local business

The flow of money on every purchase of goods and services by you, contributes to the economy of your region and the world. You may not realize it but purchasing local goods is your contribution to the overall economy of your community. Every purchase you make from a locally owned business, you`re not only doing yourself a favor but also ... Read More »

Why Edmonton entrepreneurs need to get SEO training

SEO Training Edmonton

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the best way to get noticed on the web and bring in visitors who get converted to customers. In Edmonton people are looking for businesses, products, services etc. on search engine likes Google or Bing. Over 84% of Canadians use search engines and locally when people want to call a plumber or when they ... Read More »

Create a consistent web design for your users

Web Design Edmonton

Consistency may not be on the forefront, but it is a vital part of what makes your website a good one. Why? Well, let’s take an example like your kitchen. No matter what ingredients you pull out from your cabinets, they all go back to the same places. The same logic works when you create a website. You create a ... Read More »

Building Edmonton with Mega Builders

building contractor edmonton

Mega Builders Inc. is a family that has come from a long journey and they still have miles to go. This family owned business deals with renovations, finished carpentry and basement development. The family picked up their trade from Mexico and practiced for a while in the US before settling in Edmonton. Mega Builders is a product of their family’s ... Read More »

Make a convincing e-commerce website

E Commerce  Edmonton

As an e-commerce business in Edmonton, your business is literally dependent on your website. If you don’t get enough sales, your business will tank. Getting enough visitors on your website through SEO is just the start. You have to convert them to customers who are willing to purchase the product you offer. For that, you have to tap into the ... Read More »

Start your Mobile Website Development

Mobile web design

With over 87% of the world owning a mobile device, it is hard to ignore. More people use a mobile phone to access the web over a desktop or laptop device. If your website is not mobile optimized, then you’re just sailing past a huge traffic base. More importantly, search engines fail to rank your website on a mobile search ... Read More »

Stop loosing traffic because of poor findability

Website traffic edmonton

Building a website is not enough if you are hoping to reach out to your customers. You have to do more if you want to be found by them. The term ‘find ability’ simply means “the degree to which a particular object is easy to discover”. The harder your website is to find, the more traffic it will lose out ... Read More »

Build a violence free workplace

HR Edmonton

Tough working situations can either bring out the best or worst in people, and sometimes, the worst is violent. Depending on the area, community and industry you are working in, violence at the workplace may or may not be common. Even if you’re in a white collar office and violence maybe not occurring, it may happen any time. Violence at ... Read More »

Design a website that looks awesome and gets a top SEO rank

Website SEO Edmonton

You don’t need to build an awesome website for your customers, but search engines too. Giving the best result to users also means that the website should be well designed and easy to browse through. There are many factors that a search engine takes into account when it comes to design. Here are some tips on designing a great-looking website ... Read More »

Revolutionizing an Industry — Keith Riley and

Renovations edmonton

“Can you tell me anywhere else that you can rip someone off for $50K, not have any of the proper licensing, and get away with it? Everyone knows the renovation industry has this black mark on it that says ‘People are going to rip you off’. It’s that kind of stuff that needs to change in the whole industry.” — ... Read More »

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