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11 online reputation management tools

A lot has been told about how you should market your brand and business online. The reason for this over mention is the constant growth that online marketing has witnessed in the last few years. A majority of businesses now have an online presence, and this makes it important for you to manage your online reputation.

Online reputation management is the process of supervising the information about your business that is being shared on the internet. It is believed that promotion is good for your business, but not every promotion can be good. Sometimes some negative publicity can find its way in your promotional activities and lead to a bad impact on your online marketing process. To make sure such negative publicity is controlled, online reputation management is undertaken.

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Online reputation management is a step you need to initiate the moment your online presence takes a leap. It is a process that can be done by monitoring your online presence on different online websites, pages, and listings. Since it is not humanly possible for you to monitor every single mention of your business on the internet, there are certain online reputation management tools available to make your job easy.

  1. Talkwalker Free Social Search

The Talkwalker social search is a free online reputation management tool. It works on a simple idea of doing a complete search of your online presence with the help of the keywords that you add to it. With the help of the keywords, it will do a quick search and give you the result of your online mention in the last seven days. This search covers all types of website, listings, review sites and social media. The good part is that it allows you to conduct multiple searches to get a better idea of your online reputation in real time.

Another added feature of this tool is the Talkwalker Alerts that is similar to Google Alerts. In this, you simply add your website keyword, and it alerts you whenever your keyword is being used by anyone on the internet. It also does the task of filtering by letting you add additional data such your media type, language, frequency, and email address.

  1. Reputology

The name of this tool cannot be any more specific. Reputology clearly states in its name that it is here to help you with your online reputation management. This tool works more specifically on what reviews you are getting for your business online. It scans the internet and gives you all the data on the different views people have about your business on review websites. For a business that needs a good reputation locally, this is the tool to opt for as Reputology is location-specific.

Reputology just gets better for a local business as it allows the user to monitor not just the reputation of a single business, but the many outlets or branches that it has separately. For example, if you have a physiotherapy center at 4 locations within a city, Reputology will give you an exact data of how each center is being rated by the online users on different websites. This kind of specific information helps you to channelize your energy on the problem areas rather than assuming that the whole business is at fault.

  1. Go Fish Digital Complaint Search

When you think about online reputation management, the first agenda on our mind is to skim through the negative responses or reviews that are posted on the internet about your business. This exact thought process is what Go Fish Digital Complaint Search is based on. With the help of the Go Fish Digital Complaint Search, all the negative reviews about your business on the first 40 websites that feature on Google search results are shown to you in just one go.

With the help of this tool, you will be able to find your brand standing and negative aspects with ease. Do keep in mind to check for negative complaints frequently and work on them. Apart from this free version, Go Fish Digital Complaint Search has a paid version that helps you to improve your online reputation.

  1. KnowEm

When creating an online presence for your business, you have to be extra careful as often your identity can be forged. Such type of forgery can affect your brand image. To help you find and fight these fake personas of your business online, KnowEm is the tool you need. The KnowEm tool has a free service that enables you to look for your business presence on more than 500+ social websites.

Since KnowEm scans so many social websites, it enables you to find all your existing profiles and pages online, including the ones that you have not created and that are being used to hamper your brand name. The paid version of KnowEm will do the task of signing you up on popular social media websites. It also ensures that your complete profile is uploaded to these websites including your correct brand logo, contact details, website details, etc. This will help you increase your online presence and thereby enhance your online reputation.

  1. Brand Grader

Brand Grader is a completely free tool that gives you a quick overview of your online presence within seconds. If you are looking at something very comprehensive and specific, then Brand Grader is not for you. It is a basic tool that delivers for the price it charges, that is zero. The basic interface simply asks for the company name you want to check for and gives you the data about the major news and blog mentions of the company, the top sources of mentions, the percentage of negative and positive reviews and the locations in which the company is being mentioned, within a few seconds.

  1. SimilarWeb

Whatever be your business type, competition will always be there to keep you on your toes. And when it comes to online reputation management, you cannot ignore the competition. For the people who need to keep an eye out for the competition, SimilarWeb is a good tool. With this tool, a user is able to find out where his website ranks compared to his competitors.

Apart from informing you where your website ranks compared to your competitors, there are many other details that this tool provides. It tells you the time a user spent on your website or how quickly he bounced back. It also tells you the number of pages viewed by a user in a given visit. With this knowledge handy, you can make appropriate changes to your website to make it more user-friendly and to maintain a good name for your brand.

  1. Image Raider

When you upload images in your website content, it is necessary to ensure that the image is open for reuse and the right for the same is not reserved by the owner of the image. If the same is not followed, you could be penalized, and this could have a negative impact on your online reputation. To avoid such incidents from happening, use the Image Raider tool.

With an Image Raider, all you need to do is upload an image in the tool. The tool will then scan the internet and let you know who else is using the same image. This tool will not only save you from misusing pre-owned images but will also inform you if your images are being used by some other website.

  1. ReviewPush

ReviewPush is a paid online reputation management tool that helps you to analyze the reviews and comments that your business is receiving online. This tool also has a 30 day free trial version. With the help of this tool, you get to know all the different types of reviews and comments that your business is receiving on different websites. The good thing about ReviewPush is that it sends you notification emails about the reviews received and enables you to directly reply to a user’s review.

ReviewPush also enables the user to compare the different business locations with each other. For example, if you have a retail store in two different locations within a city, with the help of ReviewPush you can compare the two stores and see which store is getting more positive or negative reviews. Apart from this, ReviewPush has some basic analytical features that allow the user to find out if the majority of reviews received are negative or positive.

  1. Mention

As the name suggests, Mention is a tool that does the job of alerting you whenever your business name is mentioned anywhere on the internet. It is more detailed and comprehensive compared to other alerts as it not only covers your mention on the internet but also the television, that too in real time. Apart from capturing your business’s mention, this tool provides you with analytical data regarding your brand standing in comparison to your competitors.

With the help of the Mention tool, you not only know what the online users think about your brand but also when they are talking about you. With this knowledge, you can easily rework your online marketing strategy to make the online users happy.

  1. Buffer

In today’s time, social media plays a pivotal role in the online presence of any business. This makes it important for a business to have a good reputation on the social media front. In order to do that, Buffer is the tool you need. Buffer is a tool that is useful not only to analyze your online reputation but also to manage and make your online reputation better.

To make a good reputation on the social media platforms, you need to keep continuous and interesting communication. The same may seem like a big task to do on a regular basis. To ease this task for you, Buffer gives you the chance to schedule your social media posts for future when you have time. The good thing is that Buffer supports almost all the major social media platforms, so it is one consolidated place to handle your complete social media. This way your social media will always be up-to-date, and your online reputation will be well-maintained.

  1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is another handy tool that not only analyzes the trends on the internet for reputation management but also provides a solution to make a mark on the internet. Buzzsumo is a content-based tool that highlights the content which is in trend on blogs and social media. Apart from knowing the trending content online, you can also measure your content’s performance in comparison to your competitor’s content.

Buzzsumo takes it a step ahead and suggests high ranking influencers on the internet. Influencers are people who have a large following on the internet. If such influencers vouch for your business, then it has a great impact on your online reputation and SEO. All you need to do is look for a topic of interest and Buzzsumo will inform you the best influencers of that topic.

Above mentioned are some of the most commonly used online reputation management tools. Apart from these, there are many other tools available online. You can choose any of these tools based on your business needs and requirements. While these tools will be helpful in online reputation management, you still need a long-term plan to manage it well. So let an expert in online reputation management assist you to manage your online reputation better.

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