100 tips on hiring the right candidate. 10 tips on hiring the right candidate. Too many tips on hiring the right candidate abound on the internet!

It’s simpler than that…much simpler. In my experience, there are only three tips to hire the right candidate.

Tip #1: Communication

The ability to communicate is the most important of all things you must evaluate. I’ll give you a simple example. You go to a restaurant, sit at a table and order. It’s been 20 minutes and there’s no food in front of you. 40 minutes and no food. Are you annoyed? Of course you are! Now consider that the waiter came to your table at the 15th minute and told you that your order would be 30 minutes late because of some mishap in the kitchen. Would you be as annoyed? I bet not. Communication makes us feel empowered and it’s something that every employee needs to have. Communicating to ask, communicating to inform, communicating to express – these are all things to look for in the candidate. Role-play during the interview if you need to gauge this skill.

Tip #2: Culture fitment

Every organization has it’s own culture. If an employee wears jeans to an interview at a workplace where everyone wears suits, there’s a mismatch there. The converse is also true…you don’t want to hire an employee who’d rather wear suits to a place that is so casual that the CEO wears shorts. Culture fitment is not just about clothes, but also about overall values and beliefs.

Tip #3: Desire to learn

The candidate may not possess all the skillsets that you’re looking for. But does she show a desire to learn? Do her past experiences show that she has picked up something new in every job? It is better to take a candidate who has fewer skills but a growth mindset rather than one who has all the skills needed but with a fixed mindset.

These three tips are all you need to follow when hiring a candidate and you wont go wrong. Need help with the kind of interview questions you need to ask? We’re happy to help!

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