Did you know that 84% of B2B marketers use social media platforms for their business goals? This number is constantly increasing as more and more businesses are gradually realizing the importance of social media platforms. Businesses are understanding that these channels aren’t only meant for social interaction but it is also a significant way to market their products and services. Mostly businesses now have started using social media platforms to create their brand identity and awareness, advertise their services, communicate with their existing as well as potential customers, and for generating leads for better profits.

Today, not having at least one active social media profile can result in losing out of hundreds of potential customers and millions of dollars. Not only this, a good and well-planned social media marketing plan also benefits your security service company’s SEO rankings. To compete with your competitors and achieve your business goals, getting started with social media marketing for security service companies is a must. We have listed down top five must-haves of a social media marketing strategy that will help you meet your business goals in the long run.

  1. A Social Media Plan

To begin your social media marketing, the first thing required is an effective social media plan. This plan would include all the activities you will conduct on various channels at different times.

Your plan or strategy for social media marketing for security service companies should include the following steps:


The first thing that should be in your social media plan is the goals and objectives you want to achieve through your social profiles. The goals can be increase brand awareness or lead generation. Having these objectives in place will help you in taking the next steps like choosing the right platforms and designing your marketing campaigns.

Target Audience

Next, determine who your target audience will be. Lets say your audience is home owners, corporations or facility managers.  Hence, decide the exact demographics of your target audience. Even the best marketers will fail if they are marketing to the wrong audience. Therefore, question yourself, who will benefit from your social media marketing for security service companies? What is the job title, income, business, age, gender and location of your audience? Once you know your target audiences, you will be able to choose right platforms which they use the most and create strategies that will interest and engage them the most.

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Right Platforms

Not every person uses all the social media platforms and channels available. For example, most professionals and business owners use LinkedIn to meet their business goals, whereas common people largely use Facebook and Twitter.

On average, people actively use 2 to 3 platforms. If your target audience is millennials, you can use Instagram and Snapchat because that is where most millennials are active. We will talk about the right selection of social media platforms in the next section, and accordingly, you can create your social media profiles.

Marketing Tactics

Once your goals are in place, and you know your target audience and the right platforms, start creating your marketing tactics and techniques. In this step, you must create social media marketing campaigns and decide the kind of posts and updates you will have on your social media profiles. You can post about your security service company’s news, products, services, offers, and other insights. These posts can either be textual posts or you use images, videos, blogs, infographics, eBooks, interviews, etc.

  1. The Right Social Media Platforms

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When starting with social media marketing for security service companies, you don’t need to be on every single platform. It’s best to choose two or three channels to get started. There are several social media platforms that you can use to start off with your security service company’s social media marketing strategy. These platforms you choose depend on the kind of services you provide. Therefore, consider your target audience and security services, and then create a presence on the platforms that best match your demographics.

Some of the major and most commonly used social media channels include:

  • Facebook

Ideal for any and every kind of small to large, B2B to B2C business to meet all types of business goals. With almost 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a vast platform to target different segments of clients and customers.

  • Twitter

The second most important channel used by individuals and businesses is Twitter. Although Twitter may not be the best platform to attract new customers, it is valuable for monitoring what people are saying about your security service business.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest network of professionals on a single social media platform. So, if you have a B2B type of security business, using LinkedIn for developing professional networks is a must.

  • YouTube

This social media platform is meant for all kinds of video-driven businesses. Online audiences regularly use YouTube to search for content, so it’s a great channel to capture the attention of businesses as well as customers. You can have how-to and tip videos.

  • Instagram

Instagram is meant for personal and businesses that mostly has visually-driven content such as images and videos. Using this channel that offers you free sharing and latest advertising options, you can attain more and more followers and cater to their needs.

Apart from these, other social media channels include Pinterest, Foursquare, Skype, Snapchat, Google+, etc.

  1. A Social Media Calendar

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Planning social media posts in advance and creating a social media editorial calendar helps you have regular posts. This calendar generally includes various campaigns and posts that have to be updated over a period. When you have a social media marketing calendar with you, you don’t miss out on important posts to be updated on important dates. A social media posting calendar helps you decide the quality of updates over a period of a week, month or quarter, and effectively allocate content resources. This obviously saves time and ultimately make it easier to duplicate what’s working.

On the basis of your target audience, you must start creating successful content that will resonate with what they want to see. Ask yourself and take a look at your previous updates to find out what content may get the most likes, shares, comments, retweets, and highest engagement. Considering your business and services you provide, your assumption can be that your target mass wants to know ways to secure their homes or commercial spaces. Accordingly, you can create infographics, how-to videos, blogs, and much more and share them across your social media profiles. Too much of information and marketing tactics might just disinterest your social media followers. Thus, a little fun is also needed. For this, you can update a few engaging posts like contests, offers, jokes, or industry insights once in a while.

All these social media updates should be listed down on a social media calendars along with the right days and dates. Then, map out important events throughout the year, particularly those that you want to create content around. For instance, if you have a special offer or discount during the New Year’s period, you can share relevant posts on your social media channels. The last tip for you, you can take the form of a document, spreadsheet or Excel sheet, or a scheduling tool such as Hootsuite to create the social media calendar for your security service company.

  1. Social Media Tools

There are a number of tools that can help your social media marketing. These tools can make your tasks easier and also save time.

Buffer offers features that are similar to Hootsuite with an added feature of a browser-extension. All you have to do is add an extension to your web browser and click to add a piece of content to your Buffer feed. This extension allows you to add content while going browsing normally.

HootSuite is a social media dashboard tool that allows you to connect multiple profiles and schedule posts for your social media accounts at one place. This tool is free with up to three social media profiles, which means it can be of great help when you start with your social media marketing.

The Facebook Page Manager application allows you to manage multiple Facebook pages from anywhere in the world. Right from posting updates and engaging with followers to running promoted posts, this tool makes everything easier directly from a smartphone.

The Twitter native program is Twitter’s paid feature that allows you to target a select segment of your audience for your Twitter advertisements. This tool has daily and total budget options, and works more or less like pay-per-click advertising for Twitter.

Bit.ly, also known as a URL shortener, is used to shorten very long URLs. This tool is extremely helpful when you want to attach something to your social media posts, generally a video available online. Bit.ly can be used the most in tweeting content.

If you aren’t able to find good images with quotes to upload on your social media profiles, Quozio is your solution. You can use this free, easy-to-use tool to create useful quotations within seconds. These beautiful images can be shared on social channels, pinned on Pinterest, or downloaded for various purposes.

Several other useful tools that help social media marketing for security service companies include VocusTweetbotCrowdboosterScoop.itAgoraPulseSlideShare, and many more.

Another must-have for social media marketing for security service companies is a good team of professionals. Not every business has the right team to look after their social media marketing. In such cases, businesses prefer outsourcing the job to a reliable digital marketing agency. These professionals make sure that all the steps of social media marketing for security service companies are being done in the best manner and that the desired business are met. So, if haven’t started social media marketing for your security services company, it is time to think about it now. Hire a professional social media marketing agency today.

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