/7 Unique Businesses in Edmonton

7 Unique Businesses in Edmonton

Edmonton is a bustling hub for entrepreneurs and startups with unique ideas. Good ideas can be out-of-the-box or old ideas fashioned into new. Edmonton’s innovative environment makes the city home to tons of businesses.

So, here are 7 unique businesses in Edmonton you should know about:

1. CCW Energy Systems

CCW Energy Systems specializes in solving one particular problem in the Oil & Gas industry. Oil pumps are usually located in remote and rural parts. Hence, power lines are required to be stretched out to these areas. However, a problem arose that electricity traveling long distances through transmission lines lose power and quality. In the industry, an EnerSaver was used to solve this problem, however, it was not a perfect solution.

CCW Energy Systems created their own EnerSaver that had reduced power consumption along with offering the market clean energy options. It has made its presence felt not only in Canada, but Gulf countries too.

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2. Granify

The biggest challenge that an e-commerce seller faces is converting visitors to make sales. That’s where Granify comes in. This startup offers a unique solution. They analyze which visitors won’t buy and offers to change their minds. They achieve this by intelligent data analysis. Shoppers that don’t buy are offered the right stimuli to make them a purchase while they are still on the site.

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3. Sensassure

Sensassure won the Startup Canada Prairie Region Award for Innovation, 2015. This is a startup that is creating a ripple effect in the health and senior care sector. It is re-imagining the retirement lifestyle for seniors. Through innovating technology, Sensassure is improving the quality of extended care homes and reducing the workload of attendees.

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4. Forge Hydrocarbons

Forge Hydrocarbons are utilizing and commercializing a unique patent developed by David Bressler from the University of Alberta. This is a business concept that is over 10 years in the making. The unique patent is a process that takes vegetable oil and animal fat, like beef tallow and crop seed oil, and converts them into drop-in fuel. Drop-in fuels can be used along with petroleum products.

Forge Hydrocarbons can be a game changer in the energy industry. The patented processes can even use restaurant grease. Currently, the product is still being refined before it comes out on the market.

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5. Made By Brad

This is a unique business venture that got quite a lot public attention. Brad is a 26 year old autistic who has a love for furniture pieces. So along with the help of his family, he set up a business where people gave orders to set up their furniture pieces. As it turns out, there is a large market of people not wanting to set up their ready-to-assemble furniture.

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6. Showbie

Showbie brings an innovative way to teach children in the classroom. It utilizes laptops, tablets and phones to create a classroom where teachers can keep track of assignments, and provide feedback to students in an easy manner.Edmonton biz

7. LoginRadius

Ever use a service or platform that required a login through your Facebook or Gmail account? That is LoginRadius at work. Today LoginRaidus is utilized by 120,000 website customers worldwide. They have even been ranked in Canada’s Top 100 Startups by TechVibes. LoginRadius focuses heavily on Customer Identity Management, which makes them a cut above the rest.

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Edmonton is a treasure trove of growing and unique businesses. These are just of the few.