There are people and then there are successful people. While everybody is in the race to succeed, some people just do it much faster and easier than others. These people have certain traits and mindsets that set them up for success and give them a head start in this competitive race.

Here are 8 traits of successful people that you could also learn from:

1. They aim for almost unrealistic targets

The key is in the word ‘almost‘. Highly successful people set specific, measurable targets that are hard to get, but not impossible. Basically, they aim high…higher than most of us. Not being conservative is a sign of high risk taking abilities and that’s what pays off in high returns for them.

2. They don’t get married to an idea

Successful people may love an idea one week and then tell you that it’s not good for their business the next. This apparent fickle-mindedness stems from the fact that successful people are constantly evaluating their next steps. In the view of new information, they are open to be proved wrong and willing to change their point of view. This allows them to look at situations non-emotionally and take good decisions.

3. They are willing to fail

Successful people will fall down, get up, brush it off and start running again. They see failure as a new learning experience and may even make an anecdote from it that they’ll use in their next presentation.

4. They take accountability

Whether a project has succeeded (or failed), they will take credit (or discredit) for it. But it’s not just that…successful people will make sure that tasks are completed. If the see a problem in execution by the team, they pull their sleeves up and start executing themselves.

5. They influence to make a change (and don’t complain if they can’t)

External situations are not always conducive to your success. Successful people, however, try to find ways to influence external situations to make them better suited for them. This could mean meeting with government officials for policy related matters, raising awareness on social media for public related matters or just being available for a meeting with a client when your team is not able to close a deal. However, what makes them stand out even more is that successful people do not complain when they are unable to influence a situation. Complaining is a waste of time and successful people want to be as productive as they can. If they can’t influence, they move on.

6. They are storytellers

Successful people get others to buy into their story very easily. They build a fan club of people with their stories and anecdotes. Even the smallest incident sounds really interesting with the fervor with which they tell it. This allows them to gain popularity that adds to their success.

7. They sleep just the right amount of time

I have never met a successful person who sleeps too much. They are just too busy to waste their time sleeping. They sleep just enough as required by their body. They recognize that every waking hour has a potential business idea.

8. They’re constantly thinking

Every waking hour is spent thinking about how to solve problems or come up with new ideas. Even when they’re watching TV, subconsciously they’re linking it to their newest dot com idea! Successful people never truly switch off.

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