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9 tips to sell on Amazon

Amazon being one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in the world provides you with immense potential to sell your products. You can reach out to a large audience by listing and selling your products on this popular website. However, you will find multiple business organizations both big and small competing to catch the attention of the buyer and increase sales. How do you ensure that customers chose you over the competitors? What can you do to break the clutter and increase sales on Amazon marketplace? Well, we have come up with a few tips that will help you increase sales on Amazon marketplace. They are as follows.

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1. Register as a Professional Seller

If you are a business organization, make sure that you register as a professional seller and not as an individual seller. Your business is an on-going process and registering as a professional seller means that you are going to carry out the business in the future as well. Moreover, when you register as a professional seller you do not have to pay the fees. In the case of an individual seller, Amazon charges 15% commission on sales and a small amount of extra charge along with it. This extra charge is not applicable to professional sellers and in the long run when you increase your sales supply, it can be a substantial amount of money. Furthermore, a professional seller can apply for several categories that Amazon has. In case you want to sell the products as a private label, you need to get yourself registered as a professional seller.

2. Win the Buy Box

As the buyer searches for a product, he will get multiple search results. If the buyer clicks on one of the results, the page that comes up is called the buy box. This is where the maximum number of sales is generated. You can win the buy box by keeping the lowest price including the shipping. Low price and good ratings get you ranked ahead of the competition. Another way to win the buy box is by selling a unique item that is not available with any other seller. If this is not possible, then consider selling the item in a creative way. This can be in the form of selling a particular product in a bundle of three or five which is not done by others. You may even consider bundling related products together. For example, if you are selling laptops, you can have other related items such as cleaning kit, MS Office, and other accessories.

3. List Products Accurately

Make sure that you provide the right description of your product. The product that you are offering should be specific to the description provided by you. If customers spot any difference in the product delivered to them, then it will affect your brand image. The customers would write negative reviews and your sales will be hampered. Moreover, the customer would return the product back and there is a high chance that you may get blacklisted by Amazon. Therefore, list your products accurately if you want to increase your sales and avoid negative consequences.

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4. Focus on Getting Reviews

Customers tend to believe what the other customer has experienced. Hence, when you deliver your product to customers, ask them to provide feedback for the same.  A positive review is a great motivator for others to buy your products. Thus, your sales can increase if you have more positive reviews for your product. At the same, it is not possible to please all your customers and sometimes they may write negative reviews. Therefore, you need to engage with such customers and ensure that you resolve the issue and remove the negative review. For this purpose, talk to the customers and solve their problems. Admit your mistake if there is any. If they are satisfied by your service, they may even write a positive review. As a result, you develop trust among your customer base which in turn has an effect on increasing your sales on Amazon.

5. Enhance Your SEO

Since you are not the only seller at the Amazon marketplace, you need to make your presence known to the customers. One of the ways to do it is by getting ranked higher on the search result list. When you create a listing, Amazon gives you the option to choose the keywords. Avoid repeating keywords in the keyword field that are used in the title. Another tip to increase sales is to use names of top sellers in your keyword. For example, if when a person mentions the name of a top brand, your brand will also pop up in the search result. So when the customers see your product listing which has the same features at a lower price than the top seller, then customers are more likely to buy your product. If you are unsure of the keywords, make use of the Amazon Keyword Tool. The Amazon Keyword Tool uses Amazon’s auto complete service to find popular long tail keywords.

6. Advertise

You can make use of the Amazon sponsored product ads to increase your sales. With the help of the Amazon sponsored ads, your product can be displayed below search results, in the right column or on detail pages. Moving forward, there are multiple features that are going to be added in this ad service. For business organizations that are new to Amazon and do not have sales history or reviews, it is difficult to get listed above. This is where advertising is useful for you to create awareness and maximize your sales in the initial stages.

7. Provide Offers

You can provide offers to your customers especially, during this holiday season. Customers tend to buy products that have discounts. If you have daily deals or discounts for your customers, there is a high possibility of not only increasing the sales but also getting ranked at No.1 for the particular product category. Furthermore, you may also appear on the homepage of Amazon under the “Hot Deals” and “New & Noteworthy” categories. Thus, you generate more traffic to your products which in turn helps in increasing your sales.

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8. Abide by Amazon Rules

Make sure that you follow all the rules stated by the Amazon marketplace. You would not want to get banned and lose out on the opportunity to increase your sales. So if you have doubts, get to know about the rules in the help section.

9. Use FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)

Usually, small businesses may find it difficult to deliver the products to their customers. Moreover, the cost of delivery may be high if the product is low or moderately priced. By making use of FBA, you not only ensure a timely delivery but also reduce your cost. As a result, your sales revenue increases and you do not lose out on any order.

Follow these tips to increase sales on Amazon marketplace and grow your business. Listing on Amazon is a great way for businesses to reach a large audience with minimal cost incurred and in short time. As you implement these tips, you need to be prepared to provide the best service to customers with the increasing demand. Do not make the mistake of compromising on your customer relationship in order to increase your sales. If you need more information to increase sales on Amazon marketplace or tips to grow your business, then get in touch with a resource center in Canada.

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