/How to advertise your accounting service on Facebook

How to advertise your accounting service on Facebook

Facebook Ads For Accounting Service

The very fact that you are reading this article means you understand the importance of social media for accountants. So I am not going to harp on the benefits of social media marketing for your business. Indeed social media has become an integral part of our lives whether it is for personal or professional purposes. Out of all the social media platforms, Facebook still remains the biggest channel in terms of active users. Therefore, creating a presence in this social media channel and marketing your brand is surely going to help you reach out to maximum prospects. Follow these tips to advertise your accounting service on Facebook.

There are three steps in Facebook advertising strategy. They are:

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  • The Awareness Stage: make people aware of your accounting firm

  • The Consideration Stage: demonstrate your expertise in the field of accounting and finance

  • The Conversion Stage: convert your prospects into clients by making your pitch

Based on your campaign objective, you need to decide which strategy you want to choose. For a newly formed business, you need to first create your online presence and hence, the awareness strategy is an ideal one. In this strategy, you need to advertise content that your audience will find it interesting. For example, you can come with posts such as “x securities where you can invest your money for higher returns”, “Top places to run a business in Canada”, etc. If you get more people to like/follow your Facebook page, then you have achieved your objective.

In the second stage, you want to build trust among your audience and therefore, showcase your expertise. Your posts should be related to various accounting services that you offer. For example, your posts may include “Worried about filings your returns? Here are x ways to get tax benefits for your business”, “x mistakes to avoid when preparing your books of account”, etc.

The third stage is where you try to convince your audience to avail your professional service. You have to drive a call to action from your advertise posts like “contact us for more information.” Also, at this stage, you will be left with a more specific audience who has shown an interest in your accounting services throughout different stages of your ad campaigns. You can have posts with a specific call to action such as “Are you finding it difficult to manage your books of account? Then get in touch with us” and provide your contact details.

To begin with advertising your accountant firm on Facebook, follow these steps.

Complete Your Profile

Have a complete profile of your account. This includes adding your display picture, cover picture, updating your address and contact details, office timings, and also adding the test button to help people know more about you. When you have a complete profile, people tend to trust your business. This is very important for businesses like accounting firms which need credibility in their operations.

Post Content

Another thing that you need to consider before running your ad campaigns is to post relevant content for your audience. You need to start by posting content on a regular basis before you actually start with sponsored posts. Content can be in the form of blogs, images, videos, etc. It makes sense having multiple posts on your timeline instead of having one sponsored post alone. Also, your prospects can go through the other posts and thus, get a better understanding of your firm and the accounting services you provide.

Add the Remarketing Pixel

Remarketing is a process of marketing your content to those who have expressed their interest in the content before, either by clicking on it or by visiting your accounting website. You cannot expect a prospect to convert in the first instance of showing the content. Therefore, you need to remarket your content again to compel them to avail your accounting services. For this purpose, you need to add the remarketing pixel (piece of code) to your website. This will also help you track how many users have visited your accounting website. So, when people visit your website, you can remarket your ad or content to the same people again.

To add the remarketing pixel, go to Facebook ads manager and select pixels or you can search for pixels in the search bar itself.


Facebook will then create a pixel for you and ask you to install it, either by using an integration/tag manager or by copying and pasting the code on your website. The code needs to be pasted on the backend of your website’s header. The next step is to install the event code to track any event taking place on your website and leverage them in your advertising. Once you have pasted the code, you can check the pixel status. Go to the Facebook Adverts Manager and select pixels from the top menu. If the status is active (green dot), your pixel has been installed correctly. It can take up to 20 minutes for your pixel status to change once you’ve installed it. To track the traffic on your landing page, you need to go back to Facebook pixel and click on “create audience”. Enter the keywords from the page’s URL and then fill the necessary information and click on “create audience”

Create Ads

The next step is to create ads by going to the top corner of your Facebook.

Choose the marketing objective of your campaigns and give it a name. Once you have selected your objective, you need to choose your target audience.

You can segment your target audience based on their demographics, geographic location, and their online behavior or interests on Facebook.

Select Ad Placement and Budget

You need to decide where your ad should be served and hence, you have to select device types and platforms. Device types include whether you want your ads to be shown for mobile or desktop users or both. For platforms, there are three types which include Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network. Audience Network includes third party websites and apps. The next step is to determine your budget and the duration of your ad campaigns. Initially, you can start by setting small amount and then increase your budget as your campaign moves forward. A high budget will increase the number of people looking at your ad. Also, you can run your ad campaign continuously or choose to stop in between and re-run it again as well. For this, you need to fix a start and end date for your campaign.

Format Your Ad

To format your accounting ad, you have 4 options. They include carousel, single image, single video, and slideshow. Carousel is an ad where you can have multiple scrollable images or videos. Single image ads are quite effective since people share on Facebook that has a single image. Therefore, your ads appear to be natural to your audience. Similarly, videos can be highly effective and they are very engaging. In the case of slideshow, you have an ad with a looping video and up to 7 images.

Once your campaign is underway, monitor its performance. This will help you get some valuable insights and thus, enable you to incorporate the necessary changes that will enhance your ad performance. Social media for accountants is a time-consuming task. Plus, you need to keep a check on your ads regularly to ensure they are running as planned. At the same time, you need to ensure that you convert the leads from your Facebook ads into clients. However, if you do not have the bandwidth to conduct social media for accountants, then your entire campaign will get affected. Hence, the best option that lies is to take help from a professional digital marketing firm that has the experience and the expertise of conducting ads campaigns on Facebook and other social media channels. A professional firm will guarantee that your campaigns run effectively and help you obtain the desired results for your accounting firm.

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