Dartmouth, Ottawa and Edmonton facilities to provide much needed care for veterans, and first responders suffering from PTSD, trauma and chronic pain

The first of the Trauma Healing Centers locations successfully opened its doors in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in January 2015 and we are now excited to announce the Ottawa and Edmonton clinics opened on March 30th, 2015. Trauma Healing Centers, is a complete resource center for Canadian veterans, first responders, citizens and their families looking to improve their health and quality of life. They are a dedicated team of professionals and veterans focused on healing patients suffering from PTSD, trauma, chronic pain and disabling illness through a multi-disciplinary approach. Treatment options range from counselling and physician services, to massage therapy, assistance with veterans’ affairs, and alternative treatments such as medical marijuana.

“We’re launching Trauma Healing Centers to address the concerns we’ve been hearing from the veteran community across Canada”, said president, Kyle Atkinson. “Veterans, active duty members and their families are looking for greater support when it comes to dealing with PTSD, trauma and chronic pain as well as navigating Veterans Affairs Canada policies, paperwork and understanding the benefits to which they’re entitled.”

Staff at the clinics includes medical professionals with extensive experience in treating PTSD, trauma and its symptoms, as well as veterans who have successfully managed PTSD and are trained to offer support and guidance. “As a veteran who has personally dealt with PTSD, I understand the impact and frustration that many veterans experience”, said Trev Bungay, Vice President, Veteran Relations. “Not only was it stressful dealing with my illness, but I had no one to talk to, no one to help me with my medication and nowhere to turn for help or resources.”

Atkinson hopes that the clinics will be a gathering place and safe haven for veterans like Bungay. “Our holistic approach to treating PTSD, trauma, chronic pain and illness means that veterans and their families can access all of the health services they might require under one roof, in a caring and community focused environment. We want to not only help with recovery, but also provide the support needed to improve overall quality of life.”

A percentage of Trauma Healing Centers net profits will go towards PTSD research and support services. In addition to the above 3 clinics, we plan to open two more locations in 2015. For more information on Trauma Healing Centers please contact 1-844-429-6074 or www.traumahc.com For media interviews or site visits please contact Trev Bungay at 506- 261-0828

Trev Bungay 

VP Veteran Relations

Trauma Healing Centres



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