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Edmonton Success Story – Express Employment Professionals

Recruiting Right

Express Employment Professionals is one of the most well-known recruitment firm in North America. The overall franchise was created in 1983 by four former associates of Acme Personnel, where it then moved on to grow into a large and reputable brand name because of its franchising model. In 2004, Edmonton got its own Express Employment Service. It was started by Jessica Culo and surprisingly, this is the last place she expected to land up in.

Jessica studied in the University of Alberta and graduated with a BA in Psychology. She was looking to work in speech pathology and help people in that way. This is when her father, having a background in entrepreneurial endeavors, approached her with the idea of opening up some sort of a franchise. So at an early age of 21, Jessica Culo started the franchise of Express Employment Professionals.


The Long Journey

10 years have gone by since Jessica Culo started Express Employment. Due to her not having an experienced base to start from, a lot of help came from her father and other mentors. Jessica learned along the way and built her business from the ground up.

The most challenging thing was starting a business from scratch, and the hard work that comes with growing something from the ground up. Additionally, five years into the growth of her business, Jessica went through the process of acquiring a recruitment firm similar to hers. She took that failing business and turned it around, making it a great asset to her growing business.. Jessica landed up with a new integrated team and employees who felt abandoned by their previous management, but now felt like they had a great place to work.

For someone who never had any past experience in management, she really upped her game and brought out superior leadership that was needed to run the business.


It’s Big and Small

Edmonton Express Employment lives in two worlds. In one, it is part of a big franchise business and in another, it operates as a local recruitment firm. Jessica constantly finds a balance between these two so that her franchise can be the big name that gives her clients the personalized experience they need.

Being part of a big franchise opens doors to vast resources that help them serve their clients better. As a small business in Edmonton, they have a strong focus on local businesses, their needs and building a relationship with them.


Finding her Ground

Family and running a business played a big role in Jessica finding her management ground.  

Jessica’s Dad was her reason for getting into the business and always remained her inspiration. With a heavy background in business and entrepreneurship, he always had some advice to offer.

Dina Overholt from the franchise headquarters helped guide her too. Their weekly meetings were and are the perfect place to bounce off ideas on what would work in the recruitment industry.


All about Understanding the Person

Edmonton Express Employment is not about just sending a person across with certification and the skills. They strive to understand the needs of the business and the individual. This way, they are able to best provide for the business and the individual.

Edmonton Express Employment aims to provide a personal touch. They want the individual to fit within the organization and help them achieve their career goals. All Jessica wants to do is help a business or individual succeed by helping them find the right employee or the right job.

Ten years of working in the industry and Jessica has become adept in sales, marketing operations and leadership. She is an inspiration to entrepreneurs in Canada with limited funding who don’t know where to start. We bow down to Jessica’s awesome business skills and undeniable spirit of success!

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