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Vampire Weekends Grandiose Madison Square Garden Debut

September 20 @ 7:59 AM

**Neu Calendar Presents:

   Athletics performance education & personal training. (Specializing in Soccer circuit training). Hosted by

   Coach K. Ansah

Three Session for $75.00 Price Break Down Available

Location: Griesbach, Edmonton 

Contact Us for rates and price break down. 

About this event:

Our training sessions this year round are all about learning new skills while having lot of fun. We have created soccer circuit programs which give an opportunity to explore something new each time. Our fun interactive circuit training will challenge your determination and enhance your soccer performance. We can provide the best practice for you from Beginners to Intermediate players.


Skill enhancement:

Skill training improves the overall performance in any identified area and in so doing can improve the overall quality of life. We are focused on combining a combination of best practice from education, mentorship and fundamentals of the game to our clients. Each session we’ll be focusing on a different skills creating lifelong learning.


Sports conditioning: Children, Youth

We recognize that early sports condition in children play a vital role in their lives. Our lessons are tailored according to the child’s ability. These exciting group or individual activities will help them perform better in whatever sports they get involved in. It also encourages them throughout their lives to stay fit & healthy.


Training programs

Children, Youth

Beginners & Intermediate players

Area of focus

Physical Fitness:

Soccer Circuit Training Targeting


Speed – Power – Agility

Endurance – Functional Patterns –

Incorporating Ball Mastery

Three Session for $75.00

Contact Us for rates and price break down. 


How can I contact the trainer with any questions?

You are welcome to write to us


Training Location?

Outdoors: Location to be posted.


Waiver policy

Each player must complete a waiver prior to training. Waiver will be issued to you upon request.


What’s the refund policy?

We understand plans change. We will gladly issue a full refund for any cancellation requests.


Coach K. Ansah

              Former Simi Pro Player

              Coerer Academy Coach

              Pro Xc Athletics Training Camp Coach


T5J 2Z2
Edmonton, AB T5J 2Z2 Canada


Neu Calendar

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