An injury can occur anytime without a warning and it can be an obstacle in your routine. If you have suffered an injury and it’s troubling you, then massage therapy can be helpful. Massage therapy plays a vital role in treating physical injuries. It improves blood circulation and eases the tension in the muscles, which often restrict movement. A massage therapist can help you recover quickly and get back to routine. In this blog, we’ll discuss the type of injuries that a massage therapist can help you deal with.


1) Sports Injury

Sports injury is not only limited to muscle pulls but also includes bone fractures and joint pains. Recovering from a bone fracture takes a lot of time. It makes your muscles stiff, and restricts mobility in the injured body part. During the massage session, blood flow is improved, swelling in the joints eased, and your muscles become warm and loose. From twisted ankle or sprained knee to broken bones, going for a massage can help you recover from your injuries faster.

2) Lower Back Pain

Today, a large number of population falls under the working class, who sit in front of their system for long hours. While sitting, you add pressure on your spine and back muscles. And, this can worsen when you don’t maintain the right posture throughout the day. This improper sitting posture can lead to lower back pain. A massage therapist can help treat the back pain. Massage releases the soreness in your muscles, and makes it flexible and loose. Thus, relieving you of the excruciating back pain.

3) Neck Pain and Injury

Improper sitting posture and sleeping positions not only leads to lower back pain but also results in pain in the neck muscles. Not only this, events like accidents, where your head suffers a sudden jerk, can also cause severe pain in the neck muscles. A deep massage can help release the tension and reduce the swelling, if any. A good massage releases the stiffness in your neck and alleviates the pain.

4) Knee Pain and Injury

Today, people of all the age groups are facing the issue of knee pain. This could happen due to various reasons like sitting for long hours, injury, and even accidents. While in severe cases, you may need medical help, massage can help you gain relief from some knee injuries. Patellofemoral pain syndrome is a condition, where a person suffers pain in front of the knee joint and around the kneecap. A massage therapy can treat your knee injuries at muscle and joint level by adding sufficient pressure in the affected areas.

5) Rotator Cuff Strain

Rotator cuff is one of the muscles in the shoulder. This common shoulder injury occurs when you damage the soft tissues in your body. Damaging a muscle or a tissue can be extremely painful, especially when you move your hands and shoulders. A good shoulder massage can provide you some relief from the pain. Deep massage improves blood flow, loosens your muscles, and releases the tension. Thus, providing you with healthy and strong shoulders.

A massage therapist hits the right spot to help you recover faster from your injuries. If you are looking for massage therapy services, you can contact us at InHome Physical Therapy and Massage.

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