An ad campaign can be the perfect way to launch a product or service. Done right, it can create awareness, generate a buzz and eventually convert customers. All marketers try to aim and make successful advertising campaign that is going to help them achieve their business objectives. Groundbreaking ad campaign ideas can have a long-term impact in the minds of the consumer and the campaign can be remembered for a good number of years. But how do you create such an ad campaign? Here are some tips to create a successful advertising campaign.


Know Your Target Audience

Before you start with the ad campaign, you must know to whom your ad campaign is targeted to. For this purpose, it is essential to have a good understanding of your target audience. A good understanding of the target audience enables you to:

  • choose the right medium of advertising

  • create the correct advertising content

  • segment your target audience based on demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavior

  • products and services to be offered

  • price to be charged and other factors

Conducting a research either with the help of an agency or by yourself helps in getting some useful insights which you can use while creating your ad campaign. You can conduct offline and online surveys as well. Online surveys prove to be a cheaper option. Moreover, you can also collect information based on the secondary data that is available in form of books, journals and resource centers in Edmonton.

360 Degree Marketing

In order to create a groundbreaking advertising campaign, it should have an impact on consumers mind. Advertising on one medium has a limited impact. Moreover, if the consumer does not prefer that medium, then the ad message does not reach to the consumer. For example, if you advertise on a particular magazine alone, there is every possibility that not all your target audience would be reading that specific magazine. Additionally, you are limiting your ad campaign to a small base of customers. Hence, it is important that your ad message follows your consumer everywhere. This is where the 360 degree marketing comes into the picture. With the help of the 360 degree marketing approach, you are able to activate various touch points where the consumer goes. The 360 degree marketing is also known as the integrated communication mix. Here, the firm uses all the possible mediums of marketing to get to its target audience.

In 2013, O2 Communication’s “Be More Dog” campaign was a great hit. The campaign featured a gingered cat trying to live like a dog. The ad features a cat (an animal that is known for being disinterested and lazy) who wants to make a change in its life and live the life of a dog (an animal that is very enthusiastic). There are some scenes in the advertisement where the cat tries to dig a hole or run with other dogs, something which a dog would do. The main aim was to influence people into using more technology and embrace change, just like being “more like a dog” rather than a cat. The campaign received positive publicity in Daily Mirror where it had mentioned that the campaign received more 3,85,000 views within 48 hours on YouTube. Also, the ad campaign was enhanced online where the customers threw virtual frisbees from their mobiles to their computers that would be caught by the cat. From offline medium such as advertising on television to the online mediums such as YouTube, the O2 Communication’s 360 degree marketing served its purpose and was indeed a groundbreaking ad campaign.

Easily Recognized and Associated

One of the features of a groundbreaking ad campaign is to be easily recognized by the target audience. To achieve this, you need to be different in the market. Differentiation is useful to gain attention quickly and at the same time distinguishes you from the commonly used ad campaigns by your competitors. This is where the company logo, the tagline, the medium of advertisement and the creative way of delivering your message should be focused on. Once you are easily distinguishable, it helps the target audience to recognize you easily. At the same time, the target audience should associate themselves with your brand. This is done when you are able to interact and engage your customers through your advertising message. Therefore, your advertising campaign should compel users to act in a particular manner. The advertisement should be able to connect or associate with the users. Being personal creates more impact in the minds of the consumers.


The Red Bull Gives You Wings Campaign by Red Bull is able to connect with its users in the most effective manner. The ad campaign focuses on the features of consumption of Red Bull. The product makes the consumers concentrate better, being more alert, study better and feel reenergized to party for long hours. The product has a connection with people who are truck drivers, office professionals, students and others who want to feel refreshed and energized to carry out different activities.

Simple and Consistent Message

Keep simple messages for your ad campaigns. The challenge for marketers is to create a message that is able to stand out from the rest and at the same time is not complex. With an overload of information in the current scenario, you should be able to come up with a message that can make the target audience understand the message and also help you achieve your advertising objective.

Another important thing to consider when it comes to ad campaign is to have a consistency when delivering the message. If you use multiple channels for your ad campaign, then you should have the same message throughout all the channels. You can use different ways of advertising your message but it should have one clear goal and one clear understanding that the customer is able to perceive. An inconsistency in delivering the message only leads to confusion and results in a poor advertising campaign.

Apart from following these above-mentioned, make use of words in your tagline that are quite popular in your particular industry. Be creative and find out different ways in which you can market your content. At the same time, be clear what you want to convey to your target audience. Consumers find the ads appealing if they feel that the product is going to deliver them some value. Therefore, it is recommended that you focus on the benefits and value that the product or service is going to offer the consumers.

It should be noted that creating a groundbreaking ad campaign is not simple and it takes a lot of time and resources to come up with good ad campaign ideas. Following these tips will assist you to create a successful advertising campaign. In addition, you can take the help of top 10 marketing agencies in Edmonton to design groundbreaking ad campaigns for you.

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