/How to do Content Marketing for Construction Companies

How to do Content Marketing for Construction Companies

Content marketing for construction companies isn’t any different than other professional service firms. You can find several resources for content marketing in the A/C/E (architectural, construction, engineering) industry. For construction companies, attracting new customers through content marketing should be a primary objective. As the construction companies expand their horizons with upcoming projects, content marketing is the best way to reach potential clients and make new connections. Through content marketing, you can offer your clients exactly what they are looking for and convert them into profitable clients.

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If you haven’t begun with content marketing, it’s never too late. And if you already have engaged in content marketing, then upgrade your efforts to the next level. Here are some content marketing tips for construction companies and businesses.

Understand Your Target Audience

Before creating a successful content marketing strategy, you need to identify who are your primary customers. Are they homeowners, contractors, real estate developers, corporation heads, or government committees? Your content tone, images, messages, and content type will differ for different demographic target audiences. Hence, it’s important to identify and understand your target audience before you publish your content.

Once your target audience identification is done, you need to understand the problems they face related to construction and design. People looking for new home remodelling ideas face different problems compared to a head of a corporation who wants to construct a retail store on a barren plot. If you can address solutions to their problems, you can earn their trust.

Focus on SEO

When people need information about interiors or architectural construction, they type in keywords in the search query on Google. In most cases, people don’t really click on page 2. They stay on page 1 to choose one of the top results to search for information that they are lookingHence, for you to feature on the first page of search results, you need to use search engine optimization strategies to help your website rank high for relevant searchers. You can achieve this rank by including industry-related keywords on your website content such as blogs.

Share Interesting Construction Related News

Create blogs around current topics relevant to the construction industry. Are there any new alternatives to building materials for sustainable development? Are there greener construction techniques to avoid contamination? What measures must be taken to create earthquake and shock resistant structures? Sharing blog posts around these ideas would engage more people to know about energy efficient construction techniques. Also, creating blogs and articles about these topics would also showcase you to be an expert and updated with the current news.

Have a Call-To-Action

Engaging your readers by creating interesting content is the primary objective. But you also need your readers to be your customers. To achieve this, you must include a call-to-action in your content post. This can lead them in the right direction and make connections. Adding a ‘Get a free consultation’ or ‘Get a Quote’ button can be the next step that you readers can take.

You could also create video content to include specific call-to-actions just like in this video example:

We are in 2019, but 70% of construction companies don’t even have blogs. People are constantly searching for answers. Content marketing is one way you can increase your audience engagement and cater to as many relevant searches as possible. Some solid content marketing strategies will help you to kickstart your construction company’s online presence.

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