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With Edmonton’s Annual Canada Day fireworks season finally coming to an end, now you might face a decline in fireworks sales for now. Selling fireworks can be a very lucrative business venture, if you do it right and at the right time. If you have enough fireworks left in your warehouses, then there is still the Niagara Falls Fireworks which will go on till the end of October. The most effective way to make a killing out of a firework business is by following some terrific marketing strategies for fireworks during the festive season. Here are some killer tips that you can use for marketing fireworks as well as for setting up a fireworks business and boost your firework sales.

Get the legislature right

Before you can start a fireworks business in Edmonton, check for the federal and provincial laws regarding the import and sale of fireworks in Edmonton. Check the regulations that control the sale of fireworks and ensure your business falls within the regulations. Obtain all necessary permits required from the province to import and sell fireworks in Edmonton.

You can use these permits to your advantage by advertise the fact that you have all required permits and are legally allowed to sell fireworks. Many illegal firework shops pop up during the holiday season and this is a fantastic way to beat the competition. This will ensure that your customers can trust the source and authenticity of the fireworks. Plus, people are more willing a buy from a trusted brand because safety is a critical issue.

Product and Promotion

The best way for any business to be successful is to have a good quality product. The product should be so good that it sells itself. If your fireworks are reliable, then those who have used them before will prefer buying from you in future. Also, they can even recommend to others. Proper layers of protection, well protected cannon fuse, quick lighting and less pollution causing fireworks are indicators of good quality of fireworks. Such fireworks sell faster. Do not make the mistake of selling unused fireworks of the previous years.

Apart from the product itself, sales promotion also increases the sales quickly. Offers such as 25% extra fireworks or BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) are best ways to increase sales. Also, the use of coupons and gift cards increase the sale of fireworks. Such offers lead to inducing a trial to use your product. Inducing a trial is very important to get a foot in the door and try and make the prospect into a consumer. Ensure you have a brightly colored eye-catching signboard placed strategically to grab the attention of a passersby. Additionally, the right location allows you to have ample space to put on a spectacular fireworks show.

Limit the Supply to Increase the Demand

Capitalize on the frenzy the term ‘limited’ causes in the market. A limited quantity of some fireworks exponentially increases their demand. This generally happens with fireworks that are illegal or banned in certain provinces which make customers turn to other provinces to fulfill their demand. Increasing the prices of such fireworks can help you rake in big bucks if you succeed in managing to boost your firework sales. But that does not mean you increase the prices exorbitantly high.

The limited edition is another term that will help boost your firework sales. Creating hype around selected special types of fireworks, which are always bestsellers, is one of the best marketing strategies for fireworks. You must create an illusion of limited edition by stating that a particular type of firework was manufactured in a less quantity that year to boost your firework sales. Everybody wants what they can’t have, and this tactic is sure to work. Such limited edition or scare firework can be offered at a premium price.

Stress on Safety

The fireworks industry is a dangerous one and setting off fireworks is also quite hazardous if not done right. Teaching children and adults about firework safety is crucial to prevent accidents from occurring during the festive season. You can print and distribute flyers with safety tips and information about the proper methods of setting off fireworks. Social media is also great platform to promote your safety message. This will earn your fireworks business the reputation of a responsible firework retailer and will ensure loyal customers who understand the importance of fireworks safety.

Put on a Good Show

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This is one of the most effective marketing strategies for fireworks as it will allow your customers to see what each type of firework does without having to pay for it. Demonstration of your fireworks gives an indication to the customers of how good your fireworks are. Choose a safe open area to set off some of your best-selling fireworks to help customers choose what to buy and also to attract more customers. What could be a better way for marketing fireworks than setting them off to create a breathtaking colorful display in the sky? Therefore, try and maximize the impact of your fireworks by putting on a good show and making the customers go wow!

Choose a Good Location

This is crucial to attracting the right kind of customers. If you set up shop en route to country areas which the urban population travels to during the holiday season, your business will be booming in no time. Cash in on the tourists who come for these fireworks events. Travelers and local townspeople alike will purchase from you and boost your fireworks sales. Keep your store neat. Ensure that all the fireworks are arranged in a proper systematic order. This not helps the consumers select the fireworks properly but also they will not feel uncomfortable in your store. The aesthetic looks of the store are equally an important factor when it comes to increasing sales. An untidy or dirty store is very unlikely to get you more customers.

These are a few surefire marketing strategies for fireworks guaranteed to give you astounding results and boost your firework sales. Fireworks are more of a seasonal product. So you can use the above-mentioned strategies and be prepared to get the maximum for your business when the time is right. You can pick up more tried and tested strategies for marketing fireworks at your local business resource center in Edmonton.

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