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How to use Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to push brand visibility

Consumers today expect more from any business organization. Offering the best products and delighting the consumers is not where the company activity is limited to. Businesses are expected to conduct Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the responsibility of an organization for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society, the environment, and its own prosperity, also known as the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit. If the activity is conducted well, you can benefit from increased returns and also enhance the brand image. The visibility of the brand can be extended to a larger geographical area due to CSR.

So how do you use CSR in order to create brand visibility? This post will cover just those points.

Conducting CSR in New Territories

If you want to extend your company reach to a new territory, then you can do so by conducting CSR campaigns in those territories. Assume you have a loyal customer base in Edmonton and you wish to increase your consumer base to in St. Albert , then your brand needs recognition. In order to create this recognition, you can start by organizing CSR activities instead of advertising about your brand or marketing your product. CSR is an effective to build a brand presence with people on the ground.

This way, the consumers becomes aware of your company. As a result, when they see your CSR activities, it creates a positive impact in their minds about your brand. Thus, your company brand gets more visibility at a lower cost.

Understanding the Social Problem

Another way your CSR can build brand loyalty is by understanding the social problem in the specific area. For this, you need to research about the area where you wish to conduct CSR activities. A good understanding of the social problem helps to plan your activity accordingly. Like for example if there an NGO in the area that is facing some problem, you may use CSR as an opportunity to help them out. Thus, the impact of CSR on your brand will boost company image.

Doing Something Different

The best way to have a unique impact is to be different from the rest. This is true when it comes to your company’s product as well as CSR activities. Your CSR activity must be something which is not commonly taken care of by other organizations. Dare to do something unique. This will set your brand image apart from the rest in a positive manner. Ensure that it is something relevant and do not organize a CSR activity which is completely different just for the sake of doing it. Additionally, check the feasibility of such activity. You would not like to waste your resources unnecessarily by doing something which is not going to benefit your organization.

Relevant to Your Business

In order to have an impact of CSR on your brand, it is essential that the CSR activity is relevant to your business. If your business is involved in the production of raw materials using natural resources, then the conservation of natural resources or supporting NGOs which are involved in conservation of nature is a better option. The consumers can then directly relate your CSR activities to the company products and also the company beliefs. Such relevant activities improve the brand image. Also, there are different types of CSR programs. They are:

  • Environmental CSR: Focuses on eco- sensitive issues such as climate change, conservation of nature.

  • Community based CSR: Businesses work with other organizations, mostly with NGOs to improve the quality of life of the people in the local community.

  • HR based CSR: Projects that improve the wellbeing of the employees.

  • Philanthropy based CSR: Businesses donate money or resources for a good cause, usually through a charity partner.

Thus, your business should understand the above-mentioned type of CSR program and choose the one which suits them the best.

Multiple CSR Activities

As a business does not have a single product, similarly conducting multiple CSR programs is beneficial. Now, for small or medium size companies it may not be possible to conduct multiple CSR activities. In this case, the company can focus primarily on the same activity at different places. Conducting more than one CSR program also gives the impression to the viewers that the company does care about the society and its problems.

PepsiCo has a range of CSR programs to manage its water intake throughout its logistics. The company has also forged partnerships with NGOs to deliver clean water to communities in need. In Canada, PepsiCo has focused its Corporate Social Responsibility efforts on water, energy and packaging. It reduced water usage by 40 % at manufacturing plants.

Richard Glover, the president of PepsiCo Beverages Canada, says that the company is “committed to achieving business and financial success while leaving a positive imprint on society, delivering what we call ‘performance with purpose.’ It’s at the heart of every aspect of our business.”

Thus, PepsiCo doesn’t just focus on water conversation but energy and packaging are part of their CSR activity.

Corporate social responsibilities have long-term benefits. It also depends on what kind of CSR activity you undertake. The business organization ought to communicate their CSR efforts to the general public as well. The communication need not be in a grand manner like in the case of marketing your products. Providing information about your CSR activities on the company website or journals are effective ways to communicate and spread the word. When a firm undertakes a CSR program its main objective is to make the program successful rather than trying to reap benefits out of the program immediately. The outcomes of the program will certainly reflect in the long-run. Conducting CSR activities has other benefits such as the acquisition of right talents, good relations with the local authorities, which in turn enhances the company image.

If your business understands the importance of CSR and the impact of CSR on your brand, then you should be interested in organizing CSR programs. However, finding the best CSR program is not easy. Also, it depends on how much of resources your business is able to put in to make the CSR program work for you. Therefore, take the help of a specialized consultant firm in Edmonton who will guide you in this matter.

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