When Canadians think of home organization and custom closets, Closets by Design is probably the first name that comes to their mind. Edmonton too has its own very own Closets by Design store. Owned by Darby Bannister, he has been successfully running it for the past 2 years. A former resident of Slave Lake, when the fires struck in 2012, he decided to move to Edmonton. He used to run his own business before, but he decided to start fresh in Edmonton.


While Darby saw an opportunity to open a Closets by Design franchise, he didn’t imagine the huge customer base he was opening up to. While Closets by Design was present in the rest of Canada, Edmonton still had to get one.

He tapped into a huge customer base that had already heard of Closets by Design and wanted products from the brand.

More than Closet by Design

Darby has now broadened his customer base by increasing what Closets by Design has to offer. He has strategically positioned Closets by Design as a home organizing service. This goes well as custom made closets are just a small part in a bigger picture.

Closets by Designs assist customers to set up garages, hobby rooms, pantries, entertainment centers and home offices.

How it’s Done

A customer can easily call Closets by Design, who will then send a professional over. He will go through the customer’s requirement and space before suggesting a design. Closets by Design has a huge focus on delivering services that achieve functionality. This is a big reason as to why they offer home organization services. This way Closets by Design achieves what the customer wishes, within the space constraints.

Affordability is integrated within the customer’s requirements. Add to that, every product comes with warranty.

Business Support

Darby is not shy about taking help and support from others. The materials for all his products come from local suppliers. He constantly takes the support offered by the Closets by Design franchise and they were instrumental in helping Darby start and run the business successfully. His family has also been a big support. His wife and daughter have been providing hands-on support ever since Closets by Design started.

Be Everywhere

Darby Bannister does not have some big future plan for Closets by Design, he, however wants to see Closets by Design products in all the homes in Edmonton. “Less time for dreaming and more time for working”, he reasserts his focus on the job.

Darby runs his business closely by three core philosophies – perseverance, consistency and discipline – that he associates as “Pillars to any successful business”. Through these he has managed to run a business that is successful and meets the needs of his customers.

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