/The Cost of Being a “Boss” is…

The Cost of Being a “Boss” is…

Are you a Dictator?

The Boss of Everything

The time of the “boss” has passed.  With the advancement of technology there are  more and more opportunities for people to start their own business, either online, through direct sales/MLM, as a franchisee or as an independent business owner.  Combine that with the plethora of jobs that are available in Alberta people are finding less and less reasons to stick with a “boss”.

In my opinion, a “Boss” is simply another word for Dictator.  It’s the ludicrous idea that “I know what you should do and if you do as I say, everything will be alright”.  What is really ironic is that we value democracy and yet it is dictatorship that pulls the strings at most companies.  Employees are expected to toe the line and do things a specific way or they will lose their job.  This power over others comes simply because of the fear of loss, not loyalty.

When a “boss” is in control people do just enough not to get fired.  They don’t think or act for themselves out of fear of being wrong, and largely do their best to go unnoticed.   The thing is there is a better way.

There is one thing people always look for, and when they find it they will move heaven and earth for it.  When they find it, they have even been known to give up their lives for it.  It is the one thing that allows people like Richard Branson to build a multi-billion dollar brand while others can’t get their employees to come to work on time.  It allowed Apple, West Jet, South West Airlines and others to create entire movements that influence millions and millions of people.

LeadershipThis one thing is Leadership.  Powerful leaders are revered, honored and followed.  People will go to the ends of the earth at the request of a great leader.  They will sacrifice everything for a leader they believe in and they trust.  They will do more for less and with less because they believe in who the person leading them.

There is an opinion that we have an employee shortage in Alberta right now.  I believe there is a Leadership Shortage.  I believe your best employee is simply working for someone else and your worst employee could be someone else’s best employee.  When employees leave because of money it is the first indication that they don’t have faith in their leadership.  So they are loyal only to the dollar.

Dictatorship has failed again and again throughout history and works only as long as there is enough comfort or fear to keep people in check.  People will complain and go along until they have had enough and then threats no longer work.  They simply rebel and overthrow the dictator and they do this by following the Leadership of someone else.  In the case of business, when a Dictator or “Boss” is in place, employees leave and go work for someone else, or they leave and become competition.

If you want your business to grow you need to ask yourself a really hard and honest question.  Are you a “Boss” or are you a Leader?

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