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Social media is an extremely efficient way to make people aware of your brand and gain customers. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter tap into the human need to socialize. If you run a business, B2B or B2C, you can’t avoid being on social media. However, if you don’t have enough time, skill or experience to work on your social media, it would be best to let a professional team handle it.

Edmonton has many social media agencies, here are the 10 best (2018 updated):

  1. Schif and The City

Strong Coffee Marketing not only offers help with digital and social media marketing, but they also help with workshops to help educate their clients. Their own Facebook page is testament to how vibrant and good their social media is.

Strong Coffee Marketing is made up of individuals who offer a wide variety of expertise from communication specialists, advertisers, content writers and copywriters.

  1. Marketing RX

    Marketing RX specialises in offering social media marketing. They are the 2014 Constant Contact All Star Winner. The social media firm is founded and run by Kimberly Allison, who has over 17 years’ experience in the media industry. She has developed a team of social media experts to ensure that Marketing RX can deliver the best to their clients.

  1. SOS Media Corp

SOS Media Corp does not just do social media. They also do web design, graphic design and SEO strategy. They have had clients ranging from all kinds of industries like Kidport, Highmark Mechanical and Saffron Centre.

SOS Media Corp offers three main social media marketing packages, depending on the client’s need. Their expert team is adept at managing multiple social media platforms at once and ensuring the growth of their clients’ brands.

  1. Big Boy Marketing

This media firm focuses on effective brand communication, no matter what the platform is. Big Boy Marketing does not focus so much on quantity communication, as they do on quality communication. This ties in with their aim to provide affordable social media services. They also offer a special social media dashboard allowing clients to keep a close watch on the campaigns executed for them.

  1. Bubble Up

This is a well-known social media agency that has been in Edmonton for close to 10 years. Bubble Up has not only helped business, but has government agencies and non-profits as its clients too. Unlike many social media agencies, Bubble Up is a medium-sized organization and this allows it to understand the challenges faced by many entrepreneurial clients and is able to serve them better.

  1. Fused Logic

Fused Logic offers the most effective means to communicate with online audiences. They do this by building workable social media strategies that fit into the industry and client’s needs. Fused Logic has grown with the internet and social media and there is no one better that understands it.

  1. used Logic

If you’re looking for a simplistic solution to your brand’s social media marketing, look no further than Easy Marketing. Clients can get access to simple and straight forward social media marketing solution that will help them improve their brand reach.

  1. Blue Train

Blue Train assists many struggling businesses to get their social media campaigns up and running. By constantly keeping tracking of Analytical Data, their client’s social media strategy is constantly improving. Blue Train consists of members who bring a variety of specializations to the table from client management to copywriting to designing to strategizing.

  1. Media Force

Media Force is a big boy in Canada. They specialize in everything related to media communications, including social media. Winners of the 2015 Consumer Choice Awards in the Category of Web Design and SEO, Media Force is really effective in managing your paid social media campaigns.

  1. Rapid Boost Marketing

Rapid Boost Marketing specializes in service based businesses lead generation, website design and internet marketing. They have over 120 clients in Alberta and getting over 15,000+ leads for them every month. Rapid Boost is results focused agency which exclusively works with service based clients.


Schif and The City

Stories matter and they sell well! Ingrid Schifer have build this company into a social media machine. They are focused on the social path customer takes during their journey. They are results driven and have gotten great results for various clients in Edmonton.

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  4. Thank you for naming Marketing Rx Inc #2 in your top 10 list of Social Media Agencies in Edmonton. We are now growing faster than ever and excited to welcome new talent to our team to help us grow and deliver World Class Social Media Marketing to our clients. We help connect our clients with their customers with conversations. Contact us for a quote or a Social Media Blue Print for Success tailored for your business

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