Promoting your business through digital marketing and making it stand out in the eyes of the customer is what every real estate business aims for. This can be easily achieved when you have clear communication with your customer.

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The good thing about digital marketing is the opportunity it gives realtors and brokers to connect with the customers at a much closer level. Not to forget the communication channel it opens up between business and customers to discuss the benefits and problems of the services via online listings and social media platforms to name a few.

Social media platforms have been around for a long time now. The use of social media for business has also been a normal practice with businesses creating their business pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But using Instagram for real estate business to market your service is something not many people go for. This is a mistake as Instagram is an equally good social media platform to promote your real estate business. How? Let us have a look at how Instagram for real estate business is beneficial.

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Set up an impressive profile

Like any other social media platform, Instagram is also a platform where your business portrays a persona, which the users can follow or like. Like any other social media platform, Instagram also enables you to create a profile with a bio and details about your business. The only limitation to it is the number of characters in which you have to fit in your details. With a limit of 150 characters, do not feel restricted but feel liberated to show your creativity in writing a catchy bio which not only encapsulates the brand but also captures the attention of the users visiting your page.

Coming to the username of your Instagram profile, the first and the most obvious choice would be to give your business name. Your business profile name on all the social media platforms should be the same as your business name. The same applies to your profile picture. Having the same image on Twitter and Facebook will be a smart choice as people will then easily recognize your business. Also, do not forget to add a clickable link in the bio section. Providing the link to your website will not only divert the traffic to your website but also increase your credibility in the eye of the followers.

 Post Different Content

Instagram is one of the most interesting platforms to promote your services on as it gives you the chance to keep your audience interested through visual content. While content does provide the information that you want to put through, images have the power to grab the attention of the people. This power is what you need to utilize for your benefit.

When we talk about using Instagram for real estate business, the common thought on the minds of many is, how do you go about it? A basic way chosen by many is to upload images of new listings of homes on the market for sale. That works but not for long. Instagram is not a page where people want to talk about business or look up for home listings. For that, you have your website and other options. On Instagram, your aim should be to connect with your customers and followers at a personal level and let them know you as a company. So let us move on from general home listings and think something innovative.

As a company, you might be taking up CSR activities, organizing events or being a part of trade shows. Then why not upload images of these activities. Also, if your company has branded merchandise such as key chains and pen stands you could have images of the same uploaded in a creative manner. Not to forget, uploading images of your happy employees, ‘busy at work’ yet enjoying, is another good thing to upload on Instagram. Here is an example regarding the kinds of post you can upload on your real estate Instagram page.

Compel them to take action

Social media pages work as a catalyst when it comes to increasing the traffic to your website and eventually the number of your customers. With the ever-increasing number of people joining different social media platforms, tapping this large population is necessary for business success. This is the major reason for businesses being so active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. But how do you make customers out of these random users visiting your Instagram page?

While uploading engaging visuals on Instagram for real estate business may be necessary, it is equally important to make the right type of uploads to get the traffic diverted to your website. For this, you need to make use of the business-friendly tools that Instagram provides you with. We have already discussed one option that Instagram has which allows you to add a link in the bio. But there is another option using which you can add call-to-action within your posts.

Call-to-action buttons are always a good method to divert the traffic from your social media pages to your website or a service page of your company. With Instagram giving you this option, you need to make your call-to-action interesting enough for a follower to actually click on it. A smart move would be to upload poster images of promotional offers and discounts on estate agent service or home prices along with a call to action in the post. Do keep in mind not to overuse the call-to-action by inserting it in every single post.

Integrate your complete social media

You can integrate your Instagram account with other social media accounts. The Instagram’s in-built social sharing options enable you to share the pictures from Instagram on other social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.

If we focus on a more enhanced sharing option within the social media platforms, then Instagram and Facebook have taken it to the next level. With these two platforms collaborating to make the user experience better, users can now directly share media from Instagram on Facebook. All you need to do is activate the option to share photos directly on your Facebook timeline via the “share settings”. The good thing about this option is that you can also share photos which have already been posted previously. Simply go back to the posts which you have made earlier and click on the “…” option right next to the like option. It will let to share the image on your Facebook profile once you have signed into the Facebook account.

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Do not miss out on hashtags

When we talk about Instagram for real estate business, how can we miss out on hashtags! Anyone who has ever heard of or used Instagram would be very well aware of how important hashtags are on Instagram. Hashtags are like keywords for your Instagram profile. To simplify, hashtags are single word or phrases which are included in the description of the image along with the ‘#’ symbol in front of them. These tags are more like categories or classifications which help your post pop up when someone looks for these tags. For example, when you add a “#homesforsale” or “#realty” to your post, a user who is searching for content using the same hashtag can find your post. Therefore, it’s important to use trending or the most popular hashtags in your Instagram posts so that your post reaches to the audience apart from your followers.

And why just your company related hashtags, there are thousands of other popular hashtags present on Instagram which when used can help you make your post popular. Also, do keep in mind to create a hashtag for your company brand name and make sure to use it in the majority of your posts.

Here is one example of a real estate company’s Instagram post. See how well they have incorporated the hashtag of their tagline as well as made use of a general hashtag for Valentine’s Day.

Advertise on Instagram

Instagram offers you the option of advertising. Instagram ads are of four types, namely photo ads, video ads, carousel ads and slideshow ads. In fact, now the ads can be viewed on Instagram Stories as well. Photo ads, as the name suggests are basic poster type ads with a single image and information of the ad provided in the caption area. Video ads consist of either a short video. A carousel ad is a slideshow of images as well as video, which you need to scroll sideways manually to check the next post. Slideshow ads are similar to carousel ad. However, they scroll automatically.

Using these ads to upload home listings is a good idea. You could use the slideshow option to upload multiple pictures of a single home for sale to show the potential buyer how the home looks like. You can add the call-to-action button which can direct the interested follower to the very home listing page for more details.

Keep your content engaging

When using Instagram for real estate business, you need to feed your followers with fresh posts on a regular basis. This is necessary to keep your audience engaged through social media. But only regular posting is not going to help. If you plan to regularly post about home listings, then please reconsider. Your followers are not going to increase if you have the same kind of posts. What you need is something new in every post. So how can you keep your followers on Instagram engaged? There are many ways to do that.

Images are always attention-grabbing, but Instagram lets you move one step ahead and upload videos as well. This option is something you should often use to upload real estate related videos. Again, you could also add your internal videos of office events and happenings. Another great tool which is being used a lot by users is the Instagram Stories. The Instagram Stories include short-term images, slideshows, videos with many other features like filters, polls, etc. which are live for a limited time only. The benefit of using Instagram stories for real estate business is that they come on top of the user’s timeline making it a highly viewed content.

 Instagram for real estate business is something you might not have considered earlier, but with the incredible ideas discussed in this article, you can make Instagram for real estate business work in your favor. The only thing to keep in mind is to not overdo anything as you do not want to bore or spam your followers. Make sure to keep your Instagram posts fresh to keep your followers interested. If you feel you will need help with working out a good Instagram strategy, do not hesitate to take help from the social media experts.

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