/Web Design Edmonton 2014 – 5 freebies and resources for Edmonton businesses & entrepreneurs

Web Design Edmonton 2014 – 5 freebies and resources for Edmonton businesses & entrepreneurs

Web design has alot of moving elements. Things like design framework, graphics, copy writing, planning, traffic, conversion, programming etc. Alot of small businesses and entrepreneurs in Edmonton struggle to create a functional website which can meet their needs. These 5 freebies and resources will help you design your next website, and if you want more complex functionalities than you should contact any local Edmonton web design agency.

Here are 25 freebies and resources to help you create your website:

Price charts

Want to display your plans, products or services ? Get a free price chart for your website: FREE Price Chart


Add beautiful background design elements by adding fabric textures. Here is your link to get a free fabric texture background: FREE Fabric Texture


Design is going in a minimalist direction. Website design has to be simple and easy to navigate. Here is a free wordpress theme which you can use to build a free website: FREE WordPress Theme

Flat Design

Flat design is everywhere. Here is a set of Free flat icons for you to use: FREE Flat Icons Set

Free Website

Not that design savvy ? or you need a very basic website. You can build a free website here: FREE Website Builder

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