/Website design for Realtors – Top 10 things Realtor website should include to get more leads

Website design for Realtors – Top 10 things Realtor website should include to get more leads

Are you a needle in a stack of needles ?

You should use your website not only to put your brand out there, but also to gather potential customers and get leads. Leads generation is an important part of anyone’s internet strategy.  As a realtor website, it is extremely important that you get leads and convert those leads into customers. There will always be users out there visiting search engines websites to check out real estate related information as this is their biggest purchase in life.

It is these users who you will get valuable and relevant information from you will trust you enough to contact you. Information is the blood of real estate marketing. If you are not getting enough leads online, you are not leveraging your website and other social media channels enough. It is through leads that you can slowly convert a potential customer into a life long loyal brand ambassador who will go out there and get customers for you.

Here are 10 ways to can improve your lead generation on your website.

1.      Be Different! Be Unique! Build a brand 

Please don’t hide, but don’t be cheesy either! Be who you are and build a brand behind you. If there are more than 1100 Real Estate agents competing for my business, I will give it someone who really stood out and was able to deliver a clear message packed with value. Here is an example of a condo marketing specialist in Edmonton:

Condo marketing example


2.      Start Blogging

Be out there as a trusted advisor. Start blogging on your website and distribute the content through social media nd other channels. By blogging, you effectively establish yourself as an expert in your field. You can put up intriguing and informative articles on the real estate market. Every blog post will have a comments box and if your article is good enough, don’t be surprised if users comment on them and share them with their friends and family.

3.      Add Testimonials

Potential customers want to know what people think and say about your service. Putting a small quote or having a page on stories of your pervious customers may not seem like much, but they go a long way in capturing your potential customer. Testimonials prove that you can be trusted and eases the worries of your users.

4.      Social Media

Connect your website with social media platforms. Social media is a much better platform considering as a realtor you have a build a personal trust with your potential customer. So, interact with  your potential customers and you can share your blog posts and other valuable information with them. Don’t forget to integrate your social media with your website.

5.      Throw up a Form

Throw up a form for a user to fill. You can do this by offering your visitor to sign up for your blog or a weekly newsletter. Be sure to offer them something of a great value. Information and content marketing will be branding in 2014, companies are planning to spend over 140 billion $ on this.

6.      End Goal First

If you don’t get their attention in first 10 seconds, you will going to loose them. Instead of waiting for a user to browse your site, why not put a pop up as soon as a visitor lands on your page? Show off your latest property offering or an upcoming neighbourhood. This is a great way to immediately capture the attention of a customer.

7.      SEO – Leads Magnet

You cannot miss out on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO plays a huge role in driving traffic to your website and getting leads. If you don’t mind spending, go for a Pay Per Click campaign which would easily direct interested customers to your site. SEO campaign is 32% cheaper than a paid advertising campaign.

8.      Create Events

Keep things exciting! Use your website platform to create and organize events. As a realtor, you have plenty of options when it comes to hosting events. From having an open house to a conference on getting people acquainted with the real estate market, you can get potential customers looped in with your brand.

9.      Don’t Alienate Your Visitor

Don’t be a car salesman. You don’t want to go overboard in asking your visitor to part with his details. This could happen if you have a pop-up on every page. This will just push the visitor away.

10.  Review

Never be satisfied with your lead generation, always aim for more. On a monthly basis review your website. Watch the sales, traffic and lead generation and find ways to improve them. Checkout a complete customer relation management & marketing solution for real estate industry to help you put your better brand forward: Link

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