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When do you sell your business?

When to sell your business? This question seems to be even more difficult than the ones you had when you started your business. In order to answer this question, you need to take into consideration multiple factors such as the current and the expected position of your business, the environment, the industry scenario and others. At times, you may just be waiting for the right time to sell your business and retire. But what is the right time? The following points will help you to know when to sell your business.

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Not a Feasible Business Model

You need to ask yourself, is your business model feasible? Is your business organization going to earn substantial profits in the future? If no, then find out if you can do something different to make your business organization profitable. In case you do not see anything good in the future, then it’s best to sell your business. It does not make sense to carry out a business for years which does not generate a higher return on your investments. Instead, you can use your skills and resources in another venture which will give you a better return. Most entrepreneurs hesitate to sell their own creation. However, you need to keep your emotions away and think in a logical manner. Businesses can fail, so do not get disappointed if you have to sell the business. You can give the same time and effort to a business that is going to make you successful in the due course. Moreover, the quicker you get rid of a loss making business, the better. You avoid wasting further resources. So if you do not find a solution to propel your business in the right direction, sell it off and start a brand new business.

Exhausted and Not Passionate to Carry Forward

If you do not have the same fire in your eyes as the time you first started your business, then you can consider selling it. In the long run, after all the hard work you put into making your business successful, you may be tired and may consider leaving it. There is nothing wrong in taking an early retirement and spending time with your family or getting yourself involved in something that you want to do. A lack of self motivation in running your business is sufficient for you to consider selling it.

Another reason to sell your business could be due to health. If you are facing health complications, it becomes difficult to take care of yourself and the business together. In such instances, you need to pass on the ownership to someone else. Your work should not cause you to stress out and take away from your passion.  If you are unable to manage your workload effectively, then you should consider stepping back from leading the business. If there is a lack of enjoyment in the business, it can also cause personal issues in hiring employees, firing subordinates and other discipline problems. Therefore, if you are exhausted and not passionate enough, then sell your business.

Your Business is Flourishing

It might sound odd but you should consider selling your business when it is doing well in the market. A successful business will have a high business value than others. The maximum revenue by selling the business is received at this stage. No one would be willing to pay a high value for a business that is on its decline stage. Although, you would like to make the full use of favorable business condition and extract maximum revenue, over time if the business conditions stumble, it becomes difficult to get a high value for the sale. Thus, do not keep waiting for too long and lose out on an opportunity that comes your way.

Yahoo was once a leading firm in the digital world. At one point in time, it was valued at $125 billion. If the company was sold back in, it would’ve earned a significant amount. Yahoo was doing well but, it was eventually overpowered by competition. As a result, it was not able to propel in the right direction and was eventually sold to Verizon at one of the lowest prices in tech history at $4.8 billion. This is a classic example of what you should not be doing with your business. If you feel your business is close to its highest point, then do not delay in selling it.

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Need to Manage Another Successful Business

If you have another business which is going to bring you more profits, then you may not be willing to stick to the less profit making one. Not all entrepreneurs can be like Elon Musk who can manage multiple businesses successfully. In fact, you can make your business more productive if you focus on one at a point in time. So if you find the other business has a better opportunity to grow and become a success, then you can consider selling your business.

Shift in the Market

If you foresee that the market conditions are not conducive for your business, then it is better that you start searching for a buyer for the business. However, this does not mean that all the businesses that face a difficult time in the market should sell off their operations. This is applicable only when you understand that your business is not able to face the stiff market conditions and the competition is surely going to catch up. If you do not have enough capabilities and resources to overcome the competitiveness in the market, it is better to sell your business rather.

So now you are well aware of when to sell your business. Selling a business is not something as easy as selling a particular product or service. It involves a lot of negotiations and other legal processes. Therefore, when you decide to sell your business, consider all the necessary measures required to sell. In the modern world, it is difficult to predict whether the future business conditions are going to be good or bad. Hence, when you sell your business it can grow at a faster rate than today or become stagnant. Do not regret selling your business if it becomes much bigger. It is always better to take the risk and get rewarded for the same instead of waiting for the right opportunity.

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