If you are reading this article, then you are thinking of:
A) quitting your job,
B) going self-employed,
C) and wondering – Is this a good idea?

So, without further ado, here’s why going self-employed is an awesome idea!

Be the Boss

Next time you enter you office, guess who the boss is – YOU. You don’t have to answer to anyone. You control how your work is done, you control the resources, you have final say before the work goes out to the client. You are the BOSS!

Time is Yours

When you were an employee, you were expected to dedicate your 9-5 to work. That’s not so when you are self-employed. You can decide when you come to office and when you leave. This gives you a great deal of flexibility and you can break the monotony of the usual 9-5 lifestyle.

You can take sick days or vacations when you want. Who is going to tell you no?

Your Work Areas

Whether you are working from home or a leased office, the work area is yours. No more sticking to a dry and dreary office. You can set it up the way you want. If abstract graphic design stimulates your mind, then you can put it up.

More importantly, no one is going to shift things around or mess your Feng Shui.

Easy Equipment Acquisition

Corporate hierarchy requires you to follow through a complex and stringent process to ask for a new equipment. It can be quite frustrating, especially if the organization really needs it.

Well, NO MORE!

Whether you need an equipment repaired, or just need pens and pencils, you don’t need to get anyone’s permission. Just go to the store and get it!

Lack of Dress Code

Crisped ironed clothes and the best high heels – the workplace requires that you dress up for the job, even if it is uncomfortable. Out goes the dress code and uniform. You can work in what’s comfortable to you.

Getting Customers is Easier

There is a massive growth of platforms that have bridged the gap between customers and sellers. Platforms like Etsy and Squarespace bring product creators and customers together, while Elance and Upwork bring service creators and customers together.

Choose your Customers

All of us have come to the realization that some clients are just not worth the time or effort. Some clients don’t have professionalism, pay less, hope for 5 star production, and have no idea what they want.

You can choose your own customers.

Tax Breaks

The self-employed have many tax benefits. You can split the income with your family. For example, your child may have worked part-time for you. If it is lower than $11,138, it is not subjected to any tax cuts. You can claim office costs and bring down your taxable income.

You are not the Only One

Edmonton has a massive self-employed professional community. You can connect with them and grow your own network. They too ride the same boat as you.

Being self-employed is an awesome idea. If you have set your heart on it, then go for it.

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