/Working hard, persistence and drive is the kind of attitude that we all should bestow….
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Working hard, persistence and drive is the kind of attitude that we all should bestow….


The perception of business in life is not to get ahead of others but to get ourselves-to break our own records, to outstrip our yesterdays by our today, and to do our work with more force than ever before. Business is all about interacting,

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expanding your horizon and exceeding your limit. Growing up, I always admire my parent’s social ability to connect with people. Having to own a small barbeque restaurant, they always talk about the importance of connecting and building a relationship with everyone and how this can benefit you in the future. A lesson I learned from them is to never burn bridges, and always stay true to who you are because people will always admire your genuine self. Being an entrepreneur is more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle. My parents always say that the best part of being an entrepreneur is you have to fail many times for you to succeed.


Inheriting my parent’s ability to communicate and touch the heart of many individuals, is the greatest gift I acquired. I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in marketing focusing on the study of advertising and promotion. I strongly believe that a business without proper tools is not a business. Knowing my business degree thoroughly, I, therefore, conclude that I was born to be a marketing professional. Nowadays, where everything is digital, it shows how a business can demonstrate a variety of areas of study and how it can be combined with productive activity. It provides an increased understanding of mutual dependence through the business system, as people are becoming more dependent on others. I must feed myself with good intellect, ability to take initiative, enhance my competitive spirit and leadership skills, and most importantly, being fearless to take the risk. By conducting business interviews and meeting these amazing people taught me to strive, start building my own empire as well as to be the master of my own destiny.


Interview with Ali Salman, Co-Founder of Rapid Boost Marketing

“Marketing is my life, it’s like my own kind of drug. If you are passionate at what you do, you are bound to become one of the best out there.” These powerful and full of wisdom words by Mr. Ali Salman gave me an eye-opener and moreover, he added, “Marketing is like a muscle, if you work on it, and take care of it, people will see improvement as well as they will see the beauty of the industry, since they will be able to recognize the progress and changes”. Business is like a battlefield, everyone fights, no one surrenders. A good businessman sees what others don’t see, to be the best, you have to distinguish yourself from the rest. Excellence is not being the best, it’s all about doing your best. Growing up, I’ve always wanted to build my own business, having my parents as my inspiration. I’m pursuing my business degree in the hopes of conquering my dream, this is my first step towards my goal. Achieving it will take miles, but I know to myself, I can do it. I was extremely nervous about learning that we have to conduct business interviews, but at the same time, I’m grateful. It’s my only chance to learn from the best in this industry.

Mr. Ali Salman is one of the people I had a chance to interview, which is one of the three owners of one of the most prestigious online marketing company in Edmonton, Rapid Boost Marketing. The company started five years ago and now overtaking the marketing industry, because of their unique approach that attracts many businesses. Ali believes that business wants technology, and people depends on the success of their business nowadays with the help of innovation. Rapid Boost is not your traditional marketing company, digital is their game, and their focus is on the growth of one company.

Before he was able to attain the state where he is right now, Ali was once a NAIT alumnus. He went to NAIT and took some marketing courses. I was stunned when I found out that he was only in the open study program and only took some relevant courses that are related to his business. He mentioned, “Education is teaching you how it’s done, but not showing you how it’s done”. He was able to apply in his company and as well as his life what he learned throughout his time at NAIT. He is currently taking some courses at Harvard Extension School that will contribute more to the growth of his business.  Upon starting Rapid Boost, Ali worked with many large organizations such as Sears and The Brick, where he attained the position of Digital Marketing Manager. Ali also operates an online law firm called “Lawyak”. His goal is to help people to have an easy way of dealing with all unfortunate events through online law. He also owned an online e-commerce store that sells different things like jewelry, for instance, called “Pushak Rani”. Being in the industry for 5 years, Ali’s greatest achievement is having the chance to work with very well known companies like Coca-cola, Honda, and Samsung. From all the companies that he worked with, Coca-cola is so far, his biggest achievement. The Rapid boost helped the Coca-cola company by marketing the product to various restaurants and fast food chains in Canada. The purpose is for every meal, a glass of Coke is necessary and everyone should have a taste of it. With the advantage of working with international companies, Rapid Boost biggest competitors such as Yellow page and Dentsu Incorporated has a very strong online marketing presence.

Listening to him passionately talk about his work made me ask what he admires the most about his job. He said what he likes about working are the changes that occur in his job as well as the everyday task that gives him always a fresh start and finds more things that are helpful for him and for his company. On the other hand, what he doesn’t like about his job is the high stress, because clients depend on him. He also added that he enjoys chaos and makes the job more challenging as well as interesting. I learned that it’s really important for us to not settle being average because this can be your worst enemy.

Working hard, persistence and drive is the kind of attitude that we all should bestow. Ali is the perfect outcome example of hard work. His life story testifies that hard work and consistency are key traits in becoming successful. The best advice I received from Ali, if you’re honest and dedicated, you are bound to be the best. Never let yourself be distracted, get your head in the game. In pursuing my marketing degree, I know he will be a well-experienced consultant as well as a mentor for I hope to learn from him what I can do better in life and in my study.





In Marketing to inspire, freely express ideas that contributes to the progression of the business industry, and empower my inter-personal skills that are relevant on helping me becoming a better professional

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In Marketing to inspire, freely express ideas that contributes to the progression of the business industry, and empower my inter-personal skills that are relevant on helping me becoming a better professional