The online marketing campaign is one of the latest trends that have developed in marketing over the past few years. Both organizations, big or small, make use of the online mediums to reach to the customers. With an online marketing campaign, you can specifically target your audience, measure the campaign performance and also reach to your consumers in a cost-effective manner. So if you have a business, you should not miss out on carrying out a paid online marketing campaign for the same. Here’s everything that you need to know about a paid online marketing campaign.


Select Your Customers

As with any marketing campaign, the first step is to select the target audience. In online marketing, the target audience is more specifically segmented than in the case of traditional marketing. For example, if you decide to target female audience through television or print media, then you can advertise on television shows that most women watch or any women’s magazines. The segmentation may be limited to gender, age, and employment status. Whereas, in the case of online marketing, you can select the target audience based on their demographic segmentation, geographic segmentation, socio-cultural as well as behavioral segmentation. Based on what the customer views, likes or follows in the digital world, you can select customers according to their behavior. Therefore, when you conduct an online marketing campaign, different platforms will give you the option of choosing from multiple customer segmentation so that you are able to reach the right customer.


Choosing the Platform

The next step is to select the platform where you would conduct your campaign. When choosing the platform, it is important to understand which platform is the most suitable one to reach your customers. You can advertise on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others. To target business professionals, LinkedIn is the ideal option. Similarly, if you have developed video content then YouTube and Instagram are your best choice. Apart from social media, Google AdWords is a very popular media to target customers. In fact, with Google AdWords, you can target on multiple websites and also rank on top of the Google search results when the user searches for a product or service that you sell. This is known as search engine marketing. However, there are other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing but, Google is the most used search engine globally. Another way to advertise is through applications on smartphones. If your target audience includes gamers, then popular game based applications are the right medium for you. It should be noted that the cost of advertising on these media plays an important role in choosing the media.

Paid Channel Pricing Models

There are different types of pricing models that you can choose from. They are as follows:

CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression)

 In CPM, an impression is a measure of the number of times the ad is displayed or has left an impression on the user. It does not matter whether the ad was clicked or not. You won’t be charged for any clicks that the ad receives. These ads are in the form of display ads and are quite expensive. With CPM, you are assured that your ad will be shown as many times that you want it to be shown to the particular customer.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

In PPC, the ads are paid for only when the user clicks on the ad. Even though they see the ad, you get charged only for the click. They are usually in the form of texts and with a small image. The price for PPC depends on the marketplace value of the keyword or expression that you focus on. They are easy to track and so if you have optimized your PPC campaigns, it can bring in significant traffic to your website.


Retargeting works on cookie-based technology. The cookie is dropped on each new user that comes to your website. So when the user browses the web, the cookie allows the retargeting provider to know when to serve ads. As a result, your ads are served to those users who have already visited your website and are more likely interested in the product or service that you offer. Retargeting is very effective especially if your website has a substantial amount of traffic every month.


Keywords Research

Before you proceed with the implementation of your online marketing campaign, you need to carry out research regarding the right kind of keywords phrases you need for the campaign. With Google Analytics, you can know what your customers are searching for and thus, modify your content. Moreover, you can get details based on the geographical location of any area on the globe. Google Analytics helps you get real time data once you sign in and are ready to launch your campaign.

Implementing Paid Online Marketing Campaign

The next stage is the implementation of the marketing campaign. When you implement the campaign, make sure that you have a particular budget in mind. It is recommended that you carry out the campaign in more than one media. Keep a monthly budget so that you are able to measure the effectiveness of the campaign in different media. After the actual results are out, you can either make changes to the content or choose the media which gives you the best result.

You can make use of texts, GIF, images, videos or blog posts for online marketing. The website also needs to be developed in the right way to get customers. The online campaigns are used to get you leads. The conversion of the lead depends on the product and also the content available on your website. Therefore, you need to consider the content on your website too. When it comes to ranking your website on top of the Google search results, it is suggested that you also develop on improvising your website. This process is known as the search engine optimization.

Monitoring Your Performance

Online marketing campaigns allow you to give real time measurement of your marketing campaign. With the help of conversion rate, you are able to measure the click through ratio in order to achieve your target measurement. This means that if your ad had 100 hits, 20 clicks, and one sale, then the conversion rate is 1:20 or 5%. After the monitoring process, you are able to figure out at which point you got the most customers and where did you lose them on your website. Accordingly, you can optimize your website pages and make it more relevant and customer friendly and thus, prevent users from bouncing from your website. Moreover, the data obtained through the analysis is useful to know which media is giving you the desired results.

With paid online marketing campaign, you are able to get leads and then it is your responsibility to nurture those leads into customers. The online marketing is moving swiftly and all  business organizations are using it. Therefore, now that you are aware of the paid online marketing campaign, make use of the marketing campaign for your business. For more information, get in touch with a resource center in Edmonton to create a groundbreaking ad campaign for your business. You can even consider taking the help of top social media agencies in Edmonton for your paid online marketing campaign.

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