LinkedIn may be new for you so here’s a quick guide on how to leverage your business on LinkedIn. .

1. Posts

LinkedIn has a great posting system to get your thoughts out there. You can share interesting information that only an industry expert will know. Sharing a tip or technique is a great way to get people talking. By frequently posting, you make sure that your company profile is an active one.

2. Groups

LinkedIn has a great many of groups. Find groups that are relevant to your business and make your presence felt. Join in the discussions, lend your thoughts, start discussions, let your voice be heard. Groups are a great platform for online networking.

3. Congratulate

You may be tempted to save time and not congratulate people on LinkedIn, but this is simply a unique way to improve your reach. People announce all kinds of milestones on LinkedIn from birthdays, promotions and job changes. Sending a congratulation message is just a nice thing to do.

4. Endorse

Writing endorsements for clients is a great way to show them you care and in turn they may endorse your coaching business, giving it a boost on the social platform.

5. Q & A Session

LinkedIn has a pretty nice Q & A feature. Once your brand is established through its activities on LinkedIn and it has a large following, you can host a Q & A session. It’s a great way to entertain questions and further establish your expertise as a business coach.

6. Use your Personal Profile

You can leverage your personal profile too. If you connect or establish on your personal profile that you run your company, then everything you do on LinkedIn will reflect your action upon your company and grow its brand.

7. Be Everyone’s Coach

Don’t hesitate to throw your weight around on LinkedIn. If you’ve worked long enough as a business coach, you’d have realize that most people face similar, if not the same challenges. Generic posts that tap into these various challenges and offer suggestion is the perfect way to be everyone’s coach.

8. Share Stories

You don’t want to become a business coach that just doles out advice to everyone. Occasionally backing up advice with stories gives your followers rare insight into how your coaching can help them. Don’t just type out the story; make a Prezi, an infographic or a video. Plain words are boring.

LinkedIn is the right place for a business coach to be on so don’t miss out on it. Use these points to leverage it.