Perhaps you have heard of Brambles Ladies Boutique. It is a store in Leduc that has uniqueness, weirdness, and variety all rolled into one. The store has plenty of curious visitors who come in to check out the clothing and go out having made a purchase or two.

Started over 3 years ago, Brambles Ladies Boutique won the Best New Start-Up Business in Leduc in their very first year of establishment.

Starting Out

Lorraine, the owner of Brambles Ladies Boutique, has worked in sales for a very long time, having sold all kind of products from cars to clothing. However, 3 years ago, she reached a point where she got tired of working for others. The biggest letdown for her was that people did not listen to her ideas. So, along with her love of sales and fashion, she started Brambles Ladies Boutique.

For her, there is so much self-gratification in running her own business where her ideas aren’t lost in the bustle of the day.

The Moving

Lorraine is not a native of Edmonton or Leduc. When she had decided to set up the boutique, she had just moved here. That meant she didn’t have any support in terms of family, friends or a loyal customer base. However, that didn’t stop her. She just built her customer base from the ground up.

Lorraine believed that women entrepreneurs and business owners should stick together, so that’s what she did, and through that, she created networking opportunities. She also never let any opportunity slip by that allowed her to grow her business. In the beginning, she was asked to do a fashion show for the Church, and she did it.

Unique Product

Quite simply, Brambles Ladies Boutique offers unique products. Have you ever attended a social gathering and found someone wearing exactly the same dress, and it turns out that it’s from the same manufacturer? Well, that won’t happen at Brambles Ladies Boutique. Every clothing, jewelry or accessory item is unique in itself. Lorraine never orders a product with the same colors twice.

Artistic Support

The reason Brambles Ladies Boutique is able to offer such unique products is because of their connection with artists. Lorraine has unique products coming from artists in Poland and France. She is also in constant search of local talent. When she finds something that she likes, she convinces the artist to create the product for the boutique.

Keep Adapting

At the end of the day, Lorraine has learned to keep adapting because that’s what running her own business has taught her. There is no tried-and-tested method that will guarantee success. When Brambles Ladies Boutique started, it sold Joseph Ribkoff clothing, but Lorraine realized that she isn’t making a profit from it. She was forced to adapt.

The motto that Brambles Ladies Boutique follows every single day is to help its customers and take care of them in the best possible way. That is one service no one else in Leduc can provide better than them.