Any sane business person will have a want to increase sales and cut costs. The challenge of cutting costs is not to lower the quality of products or services your customer gets. Plus, the best way to increase sales is to reach out to potential customers and covert them to full-fledged ones. This is just good business sense, if you want to run a good business. You have many options in front of you such as buying better quality products, improving your customer service, increasing your brands marketing value and more. However, these are ideas you can get from any how-to article. Have you heard of Tradebank?

Tradebank is a unique concept that has been running from 1996. The basic idea of Tradebank is that businesses can barter services and products between each other. So far Tradebank has made a big presence in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

How does it Work

Tradebank has a network of thousands of businesses which allows one to trade in products and services. If you want to purchase something from another business and you have nothing to offer in return, you can trade credits or TRADEdollars by which you can pay for the transaction.

In other words, if you are an online vendor and you require website design service, Tradebank will put you in touch with designers who can help clear your website issue. In return, you can pay them back in TRADEdollars or offer then a discount coupon or a product in return which is equivalent to the amount they would normally charge.

This sort of trade in would be much cheaper than hiring a website designer from outside the tradebank circle.

TRADE Broker

Once you set up a new account on Tradebank, you are assigned a sale representative who will promote your business to other members to build up your account and increase your business. Whenever you wish to know what is happening in Tradebank or you want help in setting up a Tradebank transaction, you can talk to your TRADE broker.

TRADE Directory

Anyone in the business world will tell you how business communities are important for networking. The TRADE directory gives you access to many businesses which you can get in touch with and offer proposals.


This basically refers to Tradebank ‘money’. Using TRADEdollars, you can get TRADE gifts which can be given to customers and employees as incentives. In a way, you connect your business with others.

TRADE Promos

Tradebank will often send out seasonal merchandises and promote your product or service

Benefits of Tradebank

These above points are just a few of the benefits that you will receive. The only way for a business to grow is by connecting with others and that is just what Tradebank does. It gets you support from other businesses at an expensive rate and at the same time, it gets lucrative business proposals to your doorstep. With the business community, you name will grow the backing from Tradebank and this will shed positive results.

TradeBank Edmonton

TradeBank Edmonton is hosting a complimentary seminar for Edmonton business professionals on Nov 6th at Sheraton Four Points. Here is more detail about the event and how you can register: Link