Started in 1980, Edmonton Research Park (ERP) is not library where you can drop by to do some research. It’s a place where you can set up your office. Finding an office place can be quite a hassle. You don’t want to spend money and at the same time, you want an office which is comfortable with space. Imagine getting an office the size of a condo with independent access, because that’s what you get at ERP. The independent access means that there are no chances of being disturbed by other offices. The place has around 55 companies with a total workforce of 15,000 working in it. In addition to the office, there are many advantages of having setting an office over here.

Things You Should Know about ERP

–          You have to visit the Advanced Technology Centre office. Designed by Barry John, the structure has won numerous awards such as Governor General’s Award for Architecture, Canadian Architect Magazine Award of Excellence and Millennium Celebration of Architecture.

–          In 2009, Edmonton City was selected in the top 21 intelligent communities by The Intelligent Community Forum. Much of this credit goes to EPR openness to innovative start up companies.

–          The Regional Alliance Group which is a group that promotes the business community interest in Edmonton and is an alliance between  Edmonton Research Park, TEC Edmonton, novaNAIT, NINT (National Institute for Nanotechnology), NABI (Northern Alberta Business Incubator), and The Business Link.

–          Innovatech, an innovation business at Edmonton Research Park won the 2010 Innovation Excellence Award from Edmonton Economic.

–          In 2009, C-Fer, a company staying at ERP won the ASET Technical Employer of the Year Award.

Opportunities and Support

–          If you are planning on starting a hi-tech business, you’ll love Advanced Technology Centre. This is a great place to help get your start up running. It’s the perfect incubator for your company.

–          Once you start up growing up from the planning stages, you will want to create a prototype of your planned product. You will be happy to know that Research Centre One is in the building. This is a specialized place equipped with a wet lab and a small manufacturing facility so you can get to work on your creation.

–          Also, there is the Biotechnology Business Development Centre. Edmonton is growing to be quite a hub for the biotech industry. The Biotechnology Business Development Centre is a great place to set up a biotech start up and get down on the research.


The ERP has 55 companies in a single location and each of these would present great networking opportunities. Plus, the ERP administration is always available to help you out in your needs. The ERP is tied in with many the Business Associations in the city. Plus, ERP often organises plenty of business conference and events to help start ups and mid-sized companies grow. There is also the recreation room which you can drop. You can get to know people over a game of darts or snooker.

The Edmonton Research Park is one of the best places to set up a start up business. The environment is vibrant, full of life and you’ll be sure to find plenty of people who can give you the correct advice and help.