The video game industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. A report by ESAC states that Canada’s video game industry contributes over $3 billion to the economy every year. BioWare, which is the biggest player in Edmonton, contributes the majority of the revenue generated from this industry. In fact, BioWare was instrumental in developing the gaming industry in the province of Alberta. It all started 20 years ago when BioWare came up with the game. Shattered Steel, and from there onwards, the video game industry has blossomed over the next two decades. The future of the video game industry has immense scope and potential to grow. Today, there are many young enthusiasts who want to break into the video game industry. If you are one of them, then here are a few tips that will help you break into the video game industry.


Hire Dedicated People

It is important that when you try to fulfill your passion you get the right kind of people to work for you. A dedicated team is essential to come up with unique and creative games. Most importantly, they too should be passionate about developing the games, since coming up with games in less time isn’t easy unless you are completely passionate about. The University of Alberta offers a certificate program in computer game development. Moreover, BioWare employees also known as BioWarians, conduct sessions for these students. In these sessions, BioWarians talk about the game design process and how the video game industry works. So these students get some professional guidance from the industry experts. You can consider getting these young talents on board for your video game company.

Get the Right Combination of People

Games comprise of different elements that includes the design, graphics, music, story, and other elements. Each members of your team must contribute to this these elements. Not all game developers can come up with excellent background music or other elements for the game. Therefore, it is important to have people with varied skill sets who are going to work together and do the job for you. This would mean that you need to have game developers, musicians, artists, writers, and computer scientists to name a few. A distinctive group of people which specialized knowledge in their field will assist your company to break into the video game industry effectively.

Decide the Type of Game

Out of the multiple categories available in the gaming industry, decide on what kind of game you want to develop. Select the type or video game genre where you and your team have some knowledge. Some of the quite popular video game genres include action games, adventure games, role playing, simulation, sports, and strategy games. Once you’ve developed a particular game genre successfully, then later you can expand to other genres as well. Some of the gaming companies also come up with niche games created for specific purposes such as art games or educational games.

Alieo Games is an upcoming gaming company in Edmonton which was founded in 2014They create educational games for students of all ages to develop various skills. They made engaging games for the audience by basing them on experiences and activities. Their first game was the Creative Online Writing (COW) that provides students a fun space for writing. The objective of COW is to build fluency in writing and vocabulary by practicing and sharing their work with classmates. Moreover, COW uses text analysis to provide valuable feedback. This feedback is used by teachers so that they can modify their lesson plans to meet the specific needs of the students. Today, COW is used in schools across Alberta, British Columbia, and Georgia. The company has received quite a few awards for their work which include the Mitacs Entrepreneur Awards (3rd place) and the Tech Venture Prize Awards (twice consecutively) that is awarded to local companies with massive potential.

Make Games that are Engaging

In order to break into the video game industry, you need to create games that are more engaging. The players should be made a part of the game. A game which revolves around a plot or story is something which engages the players. In the year 1998, BioWare released Baldur’s Gate for computers. This game took role playing games to another level of player engagement with artful and complex storytelling. Baldur’s Gate was a completely different game where the players could choose which battles to fight, which companion to choose from, which was not available in other games at that point in time. Furthermore, BioWare added some severe implications to the choices that players made. The death of the main character was one of them. This meant that the players don’t just play the games but they are a part of the game as well.


Lead Writer at MADSOFT games, Corina Dransutavicius says that a good narrative designer strings a player through a game without them knowing that they have been strung along. The writer should take into account the player agency and present the illusion of player agency. This will make the players feel that they are a part of the story and that they have an influence on the story or plot.

Take the Help of Industry Experts

One of the best ways to break into the video game industry is to take the opinion of the industry experts. In fact, the gaming industry in Edmonton has a favorable atmosphere. Andrew David, Director and Lead Developer at MADSOFT Games, says that instead of competing, people help each other in Edmonton. He further adds that  gaming companies are all working together. The advertisements, as well as conducting events, are done together. People also talk to each other at events and it is a tight-knit community to be a part of.

Therefore, you can attend these gaming events organized by the gaming companies and get some insight for your company too. Additionally, the very helpful character of Edmonton’s gaming industry will help you to grow.

Follow the above-stated points to break into the video game industry. Also, there are people who are willing to mentor and help startups find the right field in the gaming industry. If you need more information about the future of video game industry, then get in touch with a resource center in Edmonton. According to Aaryn Flynn, the vice-president at BioWare says that the games are so pervasive now that it’s just a wonderful time to be making games and the future seems to be very bright. At the same time, the gaming industry is one of the hottest industries in the province of Alberta. So if you want to break into the video game industry, then this is the perfect time for you to play the game.