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Government further revises train regulations, speed limits, for dangerous goods on Canadian railways

February 18 @ 5:25 PM

Introductory Beekeeping Course –  16+ hours, BCHPA Required Curriculm – Certificate Awarded

NOTE: Registration also available by phone (604) 819-9278 [E-Transfer/Check).

Investment: $250 

WHEN: 4 Saturdays mornings over 4 months, each 4.5 hour sessions. May 25, June 22, July 27, & August 24

TIME: 9:00am to 1:30pm (4.5 hours sessions). 

Designed specifically to give students ample ‘in the hive’ experience – in an outdoor classroom learning environment. You get the opportunity to see how the needs, inspection routines, bee populations, tasks that need to be taken, etc. CHANGE over the months of May, June, July & August. You will gain confidence approaching a hive, performing a hive inspection, knowing what to look for, how to problem solve in the hive, and perform tasks specific to the month. The course also follows the curriculum as required by the BC Honey Producers Association, and a certificate will be awarded to students who meet completion requirements.

Space is LIMITED to 7 persons maximum to keep the learning environment intimate and to give plenty of care & attention to learners, etc. Older children and youth are welcome if accompanied by a parent (and a discount of $50 less is given to additional family members – call to register).

Cost includes a copy of (Laura’s) Beekeeping Basics handbook (2016, Bumblebee Circle publishing) & resourceful handouts. 

NOTE: YOU WILL BE EMAILED COURSE LOCATION (TBA Chilliwack or Agassiz B.C.). Laura will personally email you. 


•Provincial & municipal regulations/by-laws regarding beekeeping.

•Biology of bees – parts, castes, development, roles in hive.

•Getting started with bees (equipment you will need, costs, resources).

•Selection of apiary, installing nucs & packages.

•Understanding the needs & behaviors of the colony.

•Spring/summer/fall/winter management of hive(s). 

•Swarm prevention, handling, catching.

•Common bee diseases & pests – how to identify & monitor.

•Diagnosis, control, treatment of diseases & pests.

•Integrated Pest Management [from organic approaches to the more aggressive).

•Bounty of the hive (honey, pollen, etc.) The importance of what bees produce for their health/reproduction/survival.

•Honey properties, extraction, storage, packaging & labeling requirements.

•Pollination & agriculture.

•Feeding the bees (sugar syrup, pollen supplements; when to feed a hive & why).

•Hive inspections: what to look for (e.g. how to identify varroa, do a count, treat), how to best manage a hive, what a healthy hive looks like, how to problem solve in the hive…


* * * * Note: Must be able to take a bee sting (in the event of) of course!


Laura Cameron – Delisle (M.A., B.A.) is an Environmental Educator & Consultant, beekeeper, Circlekeeper, community-builder & writer living in Chilliwack, B.C. She has a masters in Environmental Education and a passion for honeybee education. Laura is also a Certified Instructor through the BC Honey Producers Association (Certified March 2019), qualified to teach their required curriculum. Her background in beekeeping includes: 7+ years experience with bees; Completed Organic Beekeeping course, Blessed Bee Farm 2012; Completed Ministry of Apiculture Beekeeping Course 2013; Completed Queen Rearing Workshop, Hives for Humanity 2018; Writer of Circlebee: A book about Circle & bees, (2013, Bumblebee Circle Publishing) and Beekeeping Basics: A Handbook for New & Emerging Beekeepers (2016, Bumble Circle Publishing). Laura is also the Chilliwack Beekeeping Community Coordinator 2013- present, where she works to connect beekeepers with other beekeepers and beneficial educational opportunities. * *  Laura dedicates her time, energy & heart bringing people & bees together – and spreading honeybee education that educes empathy, love & wonder for the natural world – starting with the tinniest bee. To learn more about her & her work visit: http://www.thebumblebeecircle.com  


The Bumblebee Circle

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