One of the most trending topics of 2016 has been startups and the major challenges faced by them in the first year of their business.

One of their biggest challenge is ramping up their online visibility. Today an average individual is more connected than ever before, this makes leveraging social networking sites challenging but all the more vital to gain visibility.

With Facebook being more of a “family and friends” social network and Twitter limiting itself to 140 characters update, Google +, that was earlier disparaged and called as a Ghost Town comes to the rescue of SMEs and startups. Here are some of the reasons why Google+ will serve as the best solution to the visibility problem faced by your startup/SME:

  • Communities: Google+ allows one to group people supporting same cause as yours or having same interests by creating communities. Also one could categorize the content and control which content, they wish to share with which community. This makes Google+ more deeply connected and directional as one could always recruit or connect to people who are passionate about their product.


  • Circles: Circles allows one to create a subset of people; they are connected with and share content with them selectively. Thus one could create circles of friends, business partners or prospective customers and customize communication as per the audience they are communicating with.


  • Hangout: Google+ Hangouts is a free video chat service from Google that allows one- on-one chat and group chat with up to 10 people. It has additional features like connecting multiple cameras to your Hangout video, sharing one’s computer screen, watching a YouTube video and uploading a document to share simultaneously. Thus providing a sophisticated platform in case of a pitch, team meetings or presentations.


  • Hangouts on Air: The feature allows you to broadcast to an unlimited audience, thus giving you a chance to engage with a larger target audience, in a more interactive and genuine manner. One can have a product launch, or a direct Q&A or training session which could help in customer relationship management, vital for any business to progress. Once the On-Air video chat is finished, it is saved as a draft in one’s YouTube account and can be later uploaded on YouTube.


  • Integrated with all Google services: Google + has an edge over other social networking platforms, as it is integrated with other services provided by Google, also it’s a hub of multiple resources like Gmail, Hangout, YouTube, Google Drive, allowing you to optimize your marketing strategy.


  • Google+ Business Listing: It improves one’s visibility on local and mobile search. Especially if your business has local presence, it enables your customer to locate you easily via Google Maps, checkout your photos or the stuff you post on YouTube easily.


  • Indexing: Anything mentioned on Google+ gets indexed immediately, thus mentioning and promoting the product on Google+, will result in getting the page, better rank in indexing resulting in successful SEO.


Google+ may have received plenty of flak as a social media site, but you shouldn’t underestimate it. Everyone who is on Google, is also on Google+.