The GDP forecast for Edmonton for 2013-16 is 3.5%. In addition, the city of Edmonton is ranked 2nd in the list of 13 metropolitan cities in the country. So have no doubt, Edmonton is a prime location for businesses to operate from.  Companies that looking for an opportunity in real estate, technological and pharmaceutical, to name a few, have immense scope for growth and development. So, if you have an Edmonton based company you have many reasons to be happy about. But, how can your business leverage the term ‘Edmonton Made’ for your benefit? Here, the term Edmonton Made refers to businesses that have started and succeeded due to favourable business environment in Edmonton. The following are some ways you can use ‘Edmonton Made’ to have a positive impact on your business in the long run.


Local Community Support

When you say that you are an Edmonton Made business, you directly get the support of the locals. The support can be by the local people who constitute the society, the government organization, the non-government organization, the local suppliers and dealers as well. In addition to this, your business will also be listed in the names of startups lists in Edmonton. When you leverage your business as Edmonton Made, the locals perceive that your company is adding to the economy of the City of Edmonton. Thus, a company which leverages itself as Edmonton Made will benefit more than the other organizations in Edmonton.

Increase Customer Base

Another benefit of leveraging yourself as Edmonton made is that your organization taps into a bigger customers base of Edmontonians. Consumers would prefer an Edmonton Made organization than other businesses. This, in turn, helps your organization to increase more sales in the long run. The increased sales directly increase the profitability of your business.

Investment Opportunities

There will be an increase in investment opportunities when you term yourself as Edmonton Made. There are local businesses and individuals who prefer in investing back into their city. As mentioned earlier, Edmonton is ranked second in terms of growth among the 13 metropolitan cities in Canada. So if your organization is located in Edmonton, then your business has a good chance of getting funded. However, this also depends on the current market situation and the business you are operating in. The real estate business in Edmonton is one of the most lucrative industries in the city at the moment. Other industries which are booming are the technology based industries (including software), gaming industry and pharmaceutical industry, among many others.

Furthermore, an investor gets the impression that such a company is well aware of all the policies that need to be followed as per the laws of the land. An Edmonton Made company is provided with the best possible environment for local entrepreneurs, making it easier and faster to thrive and grow.

Brand Visibility

When you leverage your business as Edmonton Made, you are able to create a distinct image among the people. Such companies have more visibility of the brand when there is any campaign or program relating to Edmonton Made by the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC). Moreover, such programs, supported by the City of Edmonton, enhance the brand image of the organization. Through these programs people become aware of your brand. In addition, your business can use such campaigns to grow and market its offerings to more people and create brand identity for the company. Through these campaigns your marketing efforts are directly taken care of in the initial stages. This is critical since most small businesses face the problem of creating a distinct image or making the consumers aware about their brand.

Edmonton Made Badge

When you leverage your business as Edmonton Made, you get a badge claiming you are an Edmonton Made firm. You can pop up these badges outside your retail stores or restaurants and get recognized by the general people. These badges can also be added to your website, social media pages, packaging and signage as well.

Gravitypope is an Edmonton Made independently owned boutique shop with a unique collection of men’s and women’s fashion and lifestyle product. It has now expanded its operations to Europe, Japan, and America. The products include footwear, clothing, jewelries, accessories, and apothecary collections. In the last two decades, Gravitypope has become a footwear institution.

According to Louise Dirks, the CEO of Gravitypope, Edmonton business right now is exciting with new restaurants and shops opening. She says that her business is Edmonton Made and a key element to its success is the unique approach to business. The business has grown over a period of time. One of the reasons for its success is that the company empowers its employees and it helps employees grow and develop in their roles, which in turn benefits the company. The business organization is dedicated to employing strong and smart individuals who want to make a difference. Also, they should be knowledgeable and well-versed on products, policies, and company values. All of this has added value to the company and are one of the renowned Edmonton Made business today. Ali from Rapid Boost Marketing is also proud to show the badge on their door. Rapid Boost Marketing started out of Edmonton and have head office here, recognize that Edmonton is a great city for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The city of Edmonton has tremendous opportunities for starting a business. Many young startup companies have developed and there is a continuous growth in the number of entrepreneurs starting their business. Furthermore, if your business is related to eco-friendly products then you can promote your company by saying we are an Edmonton Made company dealing in green products. You can associate your company offering to that of the environmental aspect of Edmonton as well.

As Edmonton grows in the coming years, more and more opportunities are going to develop for young business enterprises. If the company finds it difficult to get along initially, take the help of local bodies in Edmonton and get registered as Edmonton Made business. These platforms provide initial support and networking with other business organizations. Thus, helping young entrepreneurs to grow and develop. The platform is not limited to startups alone. For more information get in touch with a resource center in Edmonton.

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