/How Turn Your Business Idea into a Reality

How Turn Your Business Idea into a Reality

How many times does it happen that during a conversation, you have been told ‘Hey, that’s a great idea’? Almost all of us can relate to this situation because every one of us has come up with some business idea which people have liked. But what happens to the idea after this conversation? Most probably, you lock it out in some part of your brain or pass it off as a joke. But not everyone has to. Here is a simple motivational piece that will help you realize your business idea.

Believe in your idea

Once you have your idea in place, never stop believing in it. It is only your belief that can make this business idea a reality. How can you expect people to believe in your idea when you are very doubtful about it? Be confident and take a leap of faith. Faith in your idea is the only thing that will float your boat.

Set Your Milestones

9 out of 10 businesses fail because entrepreneurs don’t implement their ideas well. Always approach any business venture with a plan. Set targets and milestones for yourself. Look at any successful business right now, not even a single venture would a success with haphazard planning. You need to plan your way through to get return on investments made.

Improvise on the run

No idea is perfect in its nascent stages. With all the experience you have while implementing it, go on improvising it. Like any other product in development, even business ideas are bound to go through various iterations of working and reworking the details before settling for the right one. But beware, improvisation is only for the betterment of your idea and doesn’t conflict with the core concept. Wrong interpretation of improvisation might lead the project off track and derail it.

Think like an investor

The best way to make reel in investors for your project is to think like one. Ask yourself, if you were an investor would you invest in this business venture? Give an unbiased reply and work towards moulding your idea into potential profitable business venture for your investors.

Market it like a ninja

Create strong material to support your business idea. Network with right people and get the ball rolling. Attend local seminars and network with the people in your neighbouring circle. Zero in on your potential client list and target your efforts around them. Use social media to your advantage and by networking to professional networks like LinkedIn and getting your business website listed on local searches.


One of the most difficult tasks to make your business idea a reality is the monetary constraint. Not every one of us is born with a silver spoon, for everyone else there is crowdfunding. Go the crowdfunding way and get your project the kind of support it deserves. Online crowdfunding ventures like Kickstarter.com, selfstarter.com and also now ATB Financial has rolled out a crowd funding platform for budding entrepreneurs in Canada.

Nurture your business idea with care and take the right steps to make it grow to reality. Innovative business concepts are always welcome in the market.

Organizations helping new businesses in Edmonton

There are organizations like B2B Connect Edmonton or The Business Link or MicroBusiness or NABI who provide free resources, and tools for entrepreneurs & small businesses owners. These organizations conduct seminars and workshops to help you grow and take your business to the next level.

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