These Experienced Deck Builders in Edmonton Have a Solid Reputation and Quality Workmanship to Back it Up

With over 35 years of experience, S&P Construction has earned recognition as a result of their expertise and immense knowledge in the field of deck construction. They have qualified professionals who have the expertise regarding architectural designing and structural deck construction. More than the joy of building beautiful decks, at S&P Construction they take pride in seeing their customers happy and satisfied. Using world-class finished products and the right tools and equipment, they construct perfect decks for their customers. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to them. They always ensure to deliver their best services. Their deck builders are extremely professional when it comes to offering customer service. As soon as a project begins, their experts persistently communicate with the customers on a daily basis to meet or exceed their expectations.Deck Builders in Edmonton

Deck Material

This Quality Deck Builder in Edmonton offers an array of deck materials to choose from. Selecting the most appropriate deck material is certainly the first step before deciding the appearance and style of your deck. Depending on your usage, they can recommend the best deck material for you. You can either choose wooden decks (pressure treated) or maintenance-free vinyl decks which are made of recycled, eco-friendly, composite materials.

Exceptional Service

By carefully listening to their customers, they design a rough layout and present it to them to understand their actual requirement. This enables customers to make changes to the deck drawings, which in turn gives a clear picture of their needs. To get the best results, close communication with the customers is done to interpret their needs and deliver exactly what is expected. Their professionals keep the property clean during the building process.

Designing Process

The deck designing process usually requires the most attention after deciding the material, configuration, and features of the deck. During the designing process, they take into consideration whether they want a number of stairs or just one, and where all should they be located. They will recommend a type of railing that will be the best for the deck. Once the design is approved by the client, these knowledgeable deck contractors go forward and get all the necessary permits.

High-Quality Tools and Equipment

Using modern tools and equipment, the builders ensure the foundation is laid properly. They know the importance of having a rigid foundation that’s why they use high-quality, engineered screw piles. The highest quality screw piles can be custom made to accommodate any application and ground conditions. Employing the best permanent foundation method to construct any type of deck. The screw piles used causes minimal disturbance to the landscaping area which leaves no mess behind.

Serve customers in Edmonton and surrounding areas, apart from deck installation, they provide many other construction and installation services such as:

  • Wood Fencing and Gates
  • Vinyl Fencing
  • Chain Link Fences

If you wish to know more about their services, get in touch with them and they will take care of all your deck construction needs.