/The Business Link – Why you should know about this organization and how they can help you launch your next business

The Business Link – Why you should know about this organization and how they can help you launch your next business

How great would it be, if there was someone to guide you through the complex processes of establishing a maiden business venture? Setting up a business can be a Herculean task when you have no guidance at all. But budding entrepreneurs of Alberta don’t need to fret, as help is just around the corner. The Business Link offers business expertise, resources and assistance to entrepreneurs starting out. Here is a detailed account on The Business Link, and why it should be your first point of contact before launching a business venture.

What is The Business Link?

The Business Link is a not-for-profit organisation supported by both the federal and provincial governments. It is an initiative towards helping budding entrepreneurs to get their businesses in place through support and advice needed to succeed. Most of the services offered here are free, owing to the support from Western Economic Diversification and Alberta Enterprise and Advanced Education, but a certain nominal fee could be charged for enhanced services.

The Business Link Offers…

Personal Service

A panel of business specialists always waits at The Business Link to discuss young entrepreneurs’ business ideas, scrutinise them and offer perspective on the proposed business plan, all in confidence. They offer free information and advice on finance schemes available, loan programs, government policies related to the venture, importing, exporting and many more.

Business Research Services

Thorough research is necessary before green-lighting any project and the folks at The Business Link take it very seriously. The business research team at The Business Link are yours to take full advantage of. There is a knowledge bank of information related to consumer behaviour ranging from books, periodicals, tapes, directories, buyers guides, statistics, demographics and online subscription databases made available for your research.

Quick Business Training

Experience in business is something you wouldn’t be worried about, thanks to the efforts of people at The Business Link. They have small business learning sessions conducted by accomplished business speakers, specially designed to save your time and money. The session material ratified by industry experts covers various important business aspects like business planning, marketing, taxation and more. You have flexible options to take these courses in person at The Business Link in Edmonton and Calgary or via online webcast.

Support for Aboriginal Community

Aboriginal Business Development Services provide business information, advice and referral services to Aboriginal Albertans who are planning to start a business venture.

Help for Expatriate Entrepreneurs

It is never easy for Immigrant Entrepreneurs to start businesses in foreign countries with alien cultures. The Business Link staff is well aware of this fact and is equipped to train expatriate entrepreneurs regarding business in Canada. Language is no barrier for the multi-talented staff which offers services in numerous languages other than French and English.

Business Networking Sessions

Regular business networking events are organised at The Business Link offices in Calgary and Edmonton to help aspiring entrepreneurs connect with accomplished business owners.

Help is only a Click Away

The Business Link website is an online repository containing a wealth of business related data. It caters to both first-time entrepreneurs and business owners looking to enhance their businesses to have a competitive edge over others.

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