Locating businesses is a headache for most of us and even though we manage to find what we are looking for, it is difficult to define its authenticity. Flipping through your regular business directory is as redundant as the dial-up internet modem and so we have here a bunch online resources you could make use of. Be it for your networking efforts or your just a personal search, the following list will help you find the best possible service providers in and around Edmonton

1.      Edmonton Chamber of Commerce
The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest business communities with registered user count of nearly 3,000 members. It is a not-for-profit organization that has been operating since 1989. The online business directory of ECC comprises of businesses from various fields like advertising and media, agriculture and fishing, communications, computers and IT, finance and insurance and more.

2.      411 Canada

411 Canada was established in 1999 with a view of helping Canadians find people and local businesses. It is one of the most used online business directories with over 20 million hits in a year. The 411 Canada is unique directory which offers search options based on business or people while also offering reviews and reverse look-up option.

3.      Yellowpages Canada

The most popular business directory of the world offers you customized search options where you can search for a business by name, location, phone number and address. The website has been integrated with maps to aid your search efforts by displaying accurate locations. You can access the business directory on your smartphone on the go with the help of their app.

4.      iBegin

iBegin which started in 2005 has now grown into a business directory spanning over 4 countries, namely Canada, United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand. The search options included are through business names or phone numbers. Over a million people use this search option every month.

5.      Edmonton Journal

The online business directory by Edmonton Journal is one of the most interactive ones out there. You can search through the keywords, business name and category filter features, but what sets it apart is the directions feature. Yes, you can add directions to the location of the business you are looking for by entering the business details and your current location. The directory maps locations with the help of Google maps technology and if you have accessed the site through your mobile device, then it will use your current location. Also, you can rate a business or share it among friends on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

6.      Found Locally

Found locally Edmonton is a community information and business directory which concentrates on businesses in and around Central Alberta and Edmonton. Community, shopping and malls, recreation, business-to-business and travel cover the major search topics featured on found locally.

7.      CanPages Canada

CanPages Canada is an online portal part of the Yellow Pages Group which covers a vast array of categories like automobiles, electronics, healthcare services, hospitality and more. The directories search has been further divided into three basic search mechanisms for businesses, real estate and people.

8.      South Edmonton Business Association Directory

The South Edmonton Business Association was formed in the early 1900’s by the joint efforts of the City of Strathcona and City of Edmonton. The sole aim of this organization is to promote business relationships in the southern region without any government funding. The directory is dominated by businesses from the southern region and hence, should be referred for specific searches.

9.      BBB Accredited Business Directory

The Better Business Bureau accredits businesses for the quality of service and many other parameters. Over the years, the BBB, as it is popularly referred to, has built up its own directory of verified businesses spanning over various categories. Though the number of businesses listed in the BBB directory is comparatively lower than other online directories, the authenticity of these listings is one hundred percent.

10.  Downtown Business Association

The Downtown Business Association formed as a part of the Business Revitalization Zone for Downtown Edmonton, way back in 1985. The Downtown Business directory deals largely with businesses in the core downtown are of Edmonton and hence should be your choice for a more specific search.


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Knowing the business around you can be very helpful whenever you need to get a particular product or are in hunt of a service. Use these directories to aid you in your search.