Top SEO Companies in Edmonton in 2020 Updates List

There are plenty of reputable SEO companies in Sherwood PArk, St Albert, Leduc & Edmonton. As more of the world logs on to the internet every day, it is only plausible that an avenue cropped up to market your products digitally. SEO companies help you to target the right audience and to create content and links that will bring you more targeted traffic through search engines. SEO is no longer just link building, its about proper strategic approach taken looking at keyword trends, content marketing, long tail strategy, local SEO, nap syndication etc. It’s mad science and these companies have mastered it.

Some of the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies in Edmonton in 2020/21 to take your business to are listed below:

Best SEO Edmonton Companies

1. Rapid Boost Marketing

Canada’s fastest growing search marketing agency. They specialize in advanced search engine optimization. They specialize in traffic generation, leads, conversion rate optimization, SEO, SEM & PPC. The company and its team has experienced remarkable growth and continues to emphasize on building a personal relationship with each campaign and project, remaining fully invested through strategizing, creating, programming and marketing. They have a long and popular list of clientele to show for their excellence. The company offers its clients original and innovative marketing which allows them to make a place for themselves even in a niche market.

2. Andy Kuiper

Based out of Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, Andy Kuiper helps clients to maximize their targeted traffic and optimize the returns on several search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo. The company aims to optimize business on all levels of internet searching, whether local or universal, pay-per-click or social media semantics. The range of services and packages they offer help your business to ethically stay ahead of the competition.

3. Topdraw

Started in 2002, Topdraw has enjoyed local, national and international client base where they have been employed on monthly or project-based campaigns. They aim to ethically convert your existent online presence with the help of optimized keywords and other changes to the website architecture. They even provide on-page optimization to improve your website’s opportunities to target relevant audience.

For an Edmonton business to survive in this century, it needs to have a healthy web presence. SEO agencies are experienced in tailoring a marketing and advertising strategy that helps to highlight your business online and help your customers find you easily. With their help, you have an edge over your competitors.

4. Bluetrain

Bluetrain’s data-driven, relationship-based approach to digital marketing helps our clients navigate one of the fastest changing industries in the world. Think of us as your online marketing conductor, providing you with the insights and online expertise you need to drive your business forward.

5. Shine On SEO

With years of experience and many satisfied customers they are a safe affordable choice for all your search engine optimization needs. They have worked with small local companies and national brands to help them get the most out of their website and online business. They believe in doing SEO the proper way with no short cuts. Their work will stand the test of time and any future algorithm update that the search engines may integrate.


6. Adster

Adster Creative is a Featured Google Partner located in Edmonton, Alberta and helps companies win new customers and grow their online presence through digital marketing. Adster offers a variety of professional search engine optimization (SEO), Google AdWords management and website optimization strategies.

TOP SEO Companies in Edmonton, Alberta

Bonus: 5 Critical SEO Elements

1. SEO-friendly Content

Just as valuable content helps you increase social media engagement, similarly, you need to create SEO-friendly content to boost your website rank. Wondering what SEO-friendly content is? When you write blogs or create content for your service pages, they should include the right keywords phrases. You need to have those keywords phrases that your potential prospects use in their search query. For example, if they search for “residential landscaping”, “commercial ground landscaping”, “paving solutions”, etc. then you need to include these keywords phrases in the relevant content. Therefore, when you create content relating to landscaping for residents, then “residential landscaping” keyword phrase should be included. Likewise, you will find more than one keyword or keyword phrases that match with your page content. In such situations, you can either use more than one keyword in your content or you can focus on only one keyword for each content piece that you create. However, avoid excessive use of keywords in your content. Ideally, for every 400-500 words, you should mention the same keyword not more than 4-5 times.

Apart from using the right keywords, make sure you have lengthy content. When you provide longer content, you communicate the information in detail. As a result, lengthy content provides better quality information. If your content provides valuable information, then visitors tend to stay on your website for a longer duration. Search engines consider the time spent by a user on your website and the quality of your content as important factors in ranking your website. Therefore, make sure you have SEO-friendly content.

2. Adding Links

There are two types of links on a webpage- internal links and external links. Internal links are links provided within your website across several webpages. Likewise, external links direct a user to other websites. When you hyperlink any text ensure that it makes sense. For example, if the hyperlinked text includes “maintaining your parking lots”, then the link should direct users to a page that provides information on how to maintain the parking lots or keep them in good condition. At the same time, when you provide multiple links to a webpage, search engines get an indication that the webpage is highly relevant and has some useful content for the readers. For instance, you can add links to all your commercial parking blogs that direct users to “commercial parking service page.” Likewise, you can add external links directing the user to some authoritative and informative webpages. When you refer and link to other resources for any landscaping or paving topics, it indicates to Google your interest in helping a visitor to provide more useful information. Thus, Google begins to trust your content which is good from SEO point of view. Additionally, Google uses the content on the webpages that you have linked to identify what your webpage is about. For example, linking to webpages relating to “landscaping and paving” helps Google to know that your webpage is about the same topic. In the same way, if you provide good quality and unique information on your website, it will help you get quality backlinks to your website as well. Consequently, it helps you to boost your website’s SEO rankings.

3. Optimized Images

Add relevant keywords to the “alt tags” option. The alt tag is a small text that appears when a cursor hovers over any images. The alt tag option resides within the image’s HTML code. Adding relevant keywords to the alt tags helps search engines know what your image is about. Therefore, adding a keyword in the alt tag helps in optimizing your landscaping and paving webpage too. In fact, you can make use of multiple images on the website to show the quality of your work. So, apart from boosting your SEO efforts by using images with proper alt tag descriptions, you can even showcase your work excellence. If your website has a CMS system, then your alt tag to images gets added automatically. However, if your alt tag to images is not added, download dedicated plugins for the CMS system. The next time you add any image, the option of adding an alt tag to images gets displayed before you upload the image on your landscaping and paving website.

4. Create Mobile-friendly Website

You need to create a mobile-friendly website so that it is compatible with different user interfaces. This is because different devices will have different screen resolutions, operating systems, and browsers. Moreover, non-mobile-friendly websites tend to take a lot of time to load. If a user finds any difficulty in viewing or navigating your website, he will immediately move out of your website and search for other landscaping or paving website. Thus, not having a mobile-friendly website can cost you a potential lead generation. Therefore, get in touch with a web developer to ensure your website is applicable to all mobile devices so that the user experience is enhanced.

5. Clean URL


Your URL plays an important role in boosting your SEO rankings. All your webpages should display your URL structure.

For example:

In this URL, there is a clear hierarchy of the information on the webpage. It shows that your webpage on “5 ways to maintain your acreage” is a part of the blog page, which is a part of the homepage of your website. Search engines use this information to determine the relevancy of a given webpage. Moreover, search engines can easily crawl your website and when a person looks for information regarding acreage maintenance, your webpage becomes an ideal candidate to be displayed in search results.

Now consider, a bad URL structure like

In this case, the URL fails to show the information hierarchy and plus, search engines will find it difficult to determine what the webpage is talking about. In fact, even a user may not understand what the webpage is about on just seeing the URL. As a result, such URL addresses are useless to search engines and they may be difficult to feature on SERPs.

Hence, if you have bad URL addresses, make sure your URL address is modified accordingly. When you modify your URL address, ensure that all your internal links to that webpage is changed as well. You may even consider using 301 redirect that permanently directs users to your existing webpage. So even if your user types in the old URL address, he will still be directed to the correct webpage. However, if you are unsure about using these practices, then it’s best to take help of a web developer or a SEO specialist.

If you have never search optimized your website, then follow these basic SEO success factors to begin with. However, there are many other SEO success factors you need to consider as you go ahead with the SEO process. Some on-page SEO elements (optimization done on your website) include updating your sitemap, switching to HTTPS, use of keywords in meta description tags, use of the canonical tag to avoid duplicate content, etc. Also, you need to consider off-page SEO elements (optimization techniques outside your website) as well such as guest blogging, directory listing, search engine submission, forum postings, community creation on social media, etc. Moreover, you need to update yourself regarding the latest modifications in the search engines algorithms. This is because on an average, there is one update each day. So you need to know whether each update requires you to make any optimization changes or not. Indeed, the SEO process is a lengthy and a continuous one. Therefore, you need a separate team to manage your SEO efforts. If you do not have one, then consider outsourcing your SEO service to a professional SEO expert.

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