The microblogging social media platform – Twitter is extensively used by more and more businesses across the globe today. We all know that Twitter allows us to send out messages (tweets) up to 280 characters long. But did you know that it can be one of the excellent tools to grow your landscaping firms? Yes, it’s true. With more than 328 million active users, you can certainly reach to a large target audience using this social media channel in order to meet your organization goals. And if you think using Twitter for your landscaping business only means following your existing customers, finding potential customers, engaging with influencers, and tweeting all through your life, then you are mistaken. There are several things that can be done on Twitter that can help your business in multiple ways. Here are some Twitter tips for a landscaping company that you can use to scale your business operations and enhance your brand image.

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Create a Quality Profile

The very first thing to focus on while getting started with your Twitter account is creating a good Twitter profile or handle for your landscaping business. Remember that people on Twitter, or any other social media channels, prefer profiles and handles that seem credible, helpful and realistic. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the way you create your landscaping company profile. Here are a few things to consider.

Use Good Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the thing that will appear next to your landscaping company username. This Twitter profile picture will be visible with every tweet you post. Hence, it is crucial that you use a good picture that relates to your landscaping firm, that your audiences can connect to. As the Twitter profile picture is very small, the best profile picture that you can use is your company’s logo. Cropped-off logos look unprofessional. Thus, resize your logo and make sure it correctly fits into the circular shape and is readable and visible too.

Create Appealing Bio

Your Twitter bio is something that your audiences will read and refer to when they are looking for landscaping assistance, or when they plan to follow you. However, the only challenge here is that Twitter only provides a limited number of 160 characters to mention your description. Hence, be smart and cram maximum information in the limited number of characters that are available. Your bio must include what you do and how you help people. You can use single words to describe your company, for example, Landscaping Company, Gardening Assistance, Deck and Fence Builders, etc.

Customize the Visuals

Twitter allows you to customize the look and colors of your Twitter profile page. Thanks to this option, you can personalize your Twitter profile so that your audiences get a better knowledge about your brand, and can connect with you in a better way. You can create an image file that describes your business and provides additional information to your followers. If you don’t want to do this, you can upload a good picture of your past landscaping project.

Publicize Your Twitter Account Using Business Materials

Once you have a good Twitter account for your landscaping firm, it’s time to let people know about it. Make it easy for your potential customers to find your company on Twitter by adding your Twitter username to all of your business materials. Adding username and links on online business materials can direct your audiences directly to your Twitter handle where they can follow you. And username on offline materials such as print collaterals will help them memorize and manually search your account.

Some of the business materials where you should publicize your Twitter account are:

  • Website – Add a follow link and button at the bottom or top of your landscaping website.
  • Email Signature – Add Twitter icon and your Twitter account link in your email signatures along with other contact information.
  • Forum Signature – If you take part in discussions on various forums on behalf of your business, you can add your Twitter link on the follow button in the signature.
  • Other Social Media Accounts – Mention your Twitter account link in the ‘About’ or bio of Facebook Page and Instagram account.
  • Emails – When you send marketing emails or newsletters, add a follow button with a link in your email’s body.
  • Printed Collaterals – Print your Twitter handle on business cards, letterheads, receipts, invoices, and even on the outdoor marketing materials such as billboards and ambient ads.

Identify Your Twitter Followers

After publicizing your Twitter account, now it’s the real show time. It’s time to build relationships with your followers and industry influencers by engaging with them. This is one of the significant Twitter tips you must follow, and there are multiple ways of doing the same. Twitter is a terrific source of cheap or even free traffic. By focusing on the quality of your Twitter account and tweets, you can get more people to follow you over a period. You will get relevant followers who are interested in your business organically. However, there are smart tools which you can use to engage with Twitterati and thus, increase the number of your followers quickly. A tool called Social Quant is ideal for quickly increasing your relevant Twitter followers as it uses data and analytics to find suitable users and conversations. Another tool that has been highly effective for a number of entrepreneurs is the Advanced Twitter search feature. All you have to do with this tools is to search for prospects on Twitter using landscaping-related terms.

Just like searching for keywords, you can also search hashtag terms to build relationships. You can use tools like Hashtags.Org to research which topics are popular on Twitter and find a list of tweets and tweeters too. This way, you can connect with people who have tweeted related to your hashtag query and also who hold an interest in the same kind of information or services that you provide.

For instance, this is what you’ll receive if you search for hashtag ‘landscaping.’

Use Hashtags

The easiest way to stay updated with the latest and most trending tweets related to your landscaping firm is using hashtag queries. Hashtags are short keywords or phrases preceded by the pound sign that people use to mark a topic. For instance, people talking about landscaping might include “#landscaping” in their tweets so that others tweeting about gardening or landscaping can come across your tweet. Use hashtags that resonate with your landscaping services and place them smartly in your tweets.

A tool called Ritetag will help you to identify the right hashtags to use. Enter a keyword related to your landscaping company, and Ritetag will provide you with a long list of relevant hashtags. Not only this, the tool also helps you with other valuable hashtag factors such as how many times a hashtag has been used, the retweets and also the views your tweet received in total, etc.

Make sure you don’t squeeze every hashtag you can think of into a tweet to attract attention as this can only look very confusing to your followers and other people on Twitter. In short, use hashtags but don’t overuse them.

Make the Most of Twitter Ads

Twitter can be extremely useful to gain more and more followers and engage with them as it also offers a number of paid or sponsored options. You can choose Twitter ad campaigns based on your business objective. There are three different types of Twitter ads:

Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets are regular tweets that you need to pay in order to ensure your tweet reaches other people who do not follow your Twitter handle yet. With promoted tweets, you can reach users who don’t know about your landscaping company. These promoted tweets will appear on the home page of those Twitter users that you have targeted while promoting your tweets.

Promoted Accounts

Promoted accounts can provide you the limelight so that more and more relevant people get to know about your landscaping company’s account. Your account will show up in targeted users’ timelines, relevant search results, and in ‘Who to Follow’ suggestions.

Promoted Trends

Trending topics appear on the Discover tab in the Twitter mobile application and on the left-hand side of the dashboard on the Twitter website. Promoted trends option allows you to promote a hashtag at the top of the trending list. Furthermore, when tweeters click on your promoted hashtag keyword, they will be able to see your promoted tweet before other non-promoted tweets with the same hashtag.

You can also target your email list for your promoted posts or Twitter ads. Your email list consists of people who are already interested in your landscaping services and wish to know more about landscaping from you. When setting up your ad or post, use Tailored Audiences and upload this email list. Twitter will match those email addresses with registered users and target them directly.

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Monitor the Account

What is the use of running quality Twitter campaigns and not analyzing their performance? If you don’t analyze and monitor the effectiveness of tweets and Twitter efforts, you are losing out on several changes that can make your business better. Therefore, spend some extra time in measuring and analyzing the way your audiences are responding to your tweets. Twitter Analytics and several analytics other tools let you see how many views and how much engagement your tweets get.

Monitor keyword mentions with the help of HootSuite. This tool helps you to search columns to find if there is a mention of your desired keyword or phrase. For instance, if you want to know people looking for pruning or lawn redesigning services in your region. You can search for words like “pruning experts” or “lawn redesign” and a mention of your town or city. This way, you will be able to discover potential clients for your landscaping business. Moreover, you come to know what keywords or terms people generally use on Twitter when they tweet about landscaping. Accordingly, you can tweak your tweets and cater to these followers if they reside close to your area of operation.

When you want to analyze the effectiveness and response of your landscaping website, Google Analytics is the best tool. However, in order to analyze and analyze any links you share on Twitter, Google Analytics is not useful. In such a case, UTM tracking is the best assistance. To get started with UTM tracking, you need to create unique URLs for each link you post on social media. Using UTM tracking, you can understand whether a link is from paid or organic traffic. You can also find out where people clicked on the links you shared in your tweets and what action did they take after they clicked.

Twitter can be an exceptional social media platform for your landscaping company as there are endless ways grow, build relationships and generate leads here. Make sure you follow these basic Twitter tips for a landscaping company. Identify your business goal – brand awareness, lead generation, increasing website traffic, and then create your social media strategy for Twitter. And if you need any assistance on Twitter, you can consult a social media marketing expert who’ll make your job easier and help you with several Twitter tips for your landscaping company.