When Google bans a website for their index, they don’t inform the site that this has happened. Google’s algorithm continues to grow smarter by the day, it recognizes websites that are spam and offer no value. Google only wants index web pages that offer it and web users’ value. A site can also get banned because its Black Hat SEO tactics crossed Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Confirm that your Website has been Banned

Since Google never informs a site that it’s been banned, you can only have suspicions. At the same time, you need to ensure that the drop in traffic is because your SEO strategy is not working.

Check for Recent Changes in Google

Google announces any recent change in their algorithm on their official blog. For example, in AugustGoogle announced that HTTPS is a ranking signal and sites which have HTTPS have better SEO ranks. This also means if your site does not have an HTTPS encryption you will experience a drop in traffic.

Check Google’s Index

Run a ‘site: your website url‘ search on Google. You can also use an Index Checker. If you don’t appear on Google Index, then you aren’t on it.

Check your Page Rank

If your page rank has dropped significantly, then Google has possibly banned you.

Run through these three checks to confirm if you have been banned.

Is your website hacked?

There is a possibility that your website has been hacked and hence, Google has banned it. Hackers can insert codes and use your site’s email for sending out spam. They add in hidden text and links to promote their own spam.

If you are unfamiliar with website coding, it’s best you get in touch with your website’s webmaster and ask him to have a look at this possibility. He will have to remove all malicious content and strengthen your website security.

Violating Webmaster Guidelines

When you violate Webmaster guidelines, Google assumes that your website is spreading spam content. When you use too many Black Hat SEO techniques, Google will recognize it as spam where you trying to force yourself to the top SEO rank without giving enough value.

You need to roll back on your Black Hat SEO techniques and start organic SEO methods. Organic builds your SEO strategy in a stronger manner so your site remains longer on top.

File a Reconsideration

Whether your website is hacked, dealing with unauthorized spam or using Black Hat SEO techniques aggressively, you need to solve these problems.

When you have solved them, you can submit your site for reconsideration.

In case you are not sure about the ban, you can still file a reconsideration and describe the problem. Ensure that you write your description carefully, because resubmitting your reconsideration can lead Google to reject or ignore it.

You will have to wait for 1 to 3 months before you get feedback from your reconsideration.

A Google ban can seriously affect your business. However, this long process is the only way to solve it. It would be advisable for you to hire a SEO agency to manage your site on Google to avoid such situations.